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Day 1 Is TMS just another thing?

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by HEADshr1nker, Jul 23, 2014.

  1. HEADshr1nker

    HEADshr1nker New Member

    OK, so I admit it, I'm skeptical about this TMS, is it just another thing?

    Like many others, over the years I've seen GPs, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Homeopath, CBT Counselling. I've read multiple books, listened to audio books, hypnosis and calming music (dolphins/waves etc), downloaded podcasts and mindfulness apps for my iPhone. I've had the MRI, been told I have 'disc damage' from a back specialist and told not to jog, dig the garden, play football and never ever do weights in the gym.

    I'm 41, have two kids - Alice 14, Ben 11, and a dog called Ned and want to live an active life for a man of my age. After lots of self help research what works for me is Pilates (once a week), listening to a Mindfulness program on my iPod, walking Ned, occasional road cycling, occasional light gym/swimming, fresh air, being with my family.

    But, I still have back/leg 'pain' as so still looking for that 'cure'. Is it 'pain', I'm not sure anymore. Is the 'pain' because I have 'disc damage', I'm not sure. I did a 60 mile charity cycle ride last month on my road bike so I can't have too much wrong with my back!

    Is it 'TMS' because I suffer from mild anxiety, probably. I hope so, and that this program will rid me of this constant 'ache' morning, noon and night. Let's give it a try...
  2. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi, Headshr. You were diagnosed with "disc damage," but that may not cause any pain.
    Your doctor advised against exercise, which is bad advice.

    I am not a doctor but am quoting advice from Dr. John Sarno, author of Healing Back Pain.
    He is the modern medical doctor advocate of the theory that most physical pain (not caused by cancer or the heart)
    is from TMS, Tension Myositis Syndrome. In short, the pain is caused by repressed emotions including anger
    that may go back to our childhood.

    I believe your pain is caused by anxiety because of repressed emotions or a perfectionist personality.

    I had severe back pain and recovered after reading Sarno's book and believing 100 percent that my pain
    was from repressed emotions going back to my boyhood. Once I discovered what those were, I healed.

    I hope you will read more about TMS in the various forums and watch videos about it such as this one:


    You can heal yourself if you read the subforums here and begin the Structured Education Program.

    Any questions just post about them.
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  3. HEADshr1nker

    HEADshr1nker New Member

    Hi Walt, thanks for your positive message, I'm certainly going to give this a go.

    Dan (HEADshr1nker).
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  4. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    Tms wisdom is taking the best knowledge you can from every place that works in the mind body world and condensing it to an understanding. We dont fear the pain cause we know that will cause more pain or we dont fear the anxiety cause we know that will cause more anxiety. We don't focus on the pain or anxiety. We learn to feel our emotions and be at peace with them without judgement or criticism towards them. We learn how to be at peace with the inner critic, the inner bully and the inner child. We learn to be at peace with our parts. We learn to get our relationships back and we learn to laugh again and this is just the beginning. We learn from many sources what works and we work it, our main source is DR. Sarnos books which he summed it up rather ingeniously. Is it just another thing? Well you just gotta keep learning and find out for yourself. I don't believe a whole community and then many many more tens of thousands could be wrong less you know of some source that is a stronger thing, I believe you are at the best thing you can be. :)
    Bless you
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  5. HEADshr1nker

    HEADshr1nker New Member

    Hi Herbie, many thanks for your response. I'm reading Dr Sarnos book at the moment and I'm becoming more convinced that I have TMS. I'll continue reading the book, this blog and the website to learn more. I am amazed I stumbled across this while Googling, especially as I've been in contact with so many health professionals.

    Dan (HEADshr1nker)
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  6. Shirley

    Shirley Peer Supporter

    Resonating with HEADshr1nker and his quest and doubts, only my exercise routine is different and my dog's name is Tula. I climbed my first 2 14000' mountains without trouble a few months before my sciatic pain hit me in the butt. I figure we gots nothin' to lose Dan, and a lot to gain no matter how we look at it.
  7. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    There is everything to gain by believing in TMS. It really worked for me, for Herbie.
    and thousands of others. Go for it and be free of pain and discover a lot new about yourself.
    It's more than healing, it's living!
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