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Is TMS associated with your emotional/personality type?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Homestead Hermit, Mar 26, 2017.

  1. karinabrown

    karinabrown Well known member

    Hi all,

    Interesting : I am a designer too
    and according too test a Infp type ,
    But i don't see that as a extra 'probleem' all the personality types have challenges i think
    They only thing to me that stands out in that area : it all has to have some sort of meanjng .
    And because a lot of stuff happensin life that is harder to put a meaning too : Well that's hard . ..
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  2. mouser

    mouser Peer Supporter

    I think the 'goodist' qualities INFPs tend to have that make us prone to chronic pain. INFJs too as well as HSPs.

    It's those personality traits, not the labels that make us vulnerable.
  3. FredAmir

    FredAmir Well known member

    Certainly, we can analyze this in great depth. What I have found in my practice is to focus on solutions rather than analyze the WHY so much. And believe me when it comes to TMS, you can analyze for decades and still have symptoms.

    Instead, if you focus transforming the main negative mental and emotional habits, you can get much better outcomes, faster. I have developed a TMS questionnaire that helps you identify most of these negative mental and emotional habits (worrying is of course one of them).

    http://www.fredamir.com/questionnaire (rapidrecovery)

    If you have clear exciting goals and plans for your future and develop some simple mind skills to deal with daily challenges or overcome bad past experiences, you can easily minimize, eliminate, and prevent TMS symptoms. If you have time, join me for a free webinar on April 22 regarding one such mind skill that can help you conquer stress, anxiety, and worry. www.fredamir.com.
  4. EileenS

    EileenS Well known member

    So true. Getting caught up in things like personality tests is 'TMS'ing' as SteveO calls it in his book. Distractions. Instead of analyzing if INFPs are more prone to TMS, if you want to use the Meyers Briggs knowledge, applaud your strengths (eg, you're intuitive) and see how you can more quickly recognize your stressers (eg, large gatherings).

    Remember as well, these are indicators not absolutes. For example, I'm an ENFP. So when I'm ready to go to a party, that's when my husband 'remembers' there's something he must do (he's an Introvert). But he loves getting together with a few friends (he's not antisocial) and I only love the occasional party. I'm very thankful I'm an 'intuitive' (N) person as I have a 'spidy' sense few people have. Concerning the 'F' and 'P', I can 'TMS' over wondering if I'm saying the right thing and analyzing things too much, so those are my TMS struggles.
  5. grateful_mama

    grateful_mama Peer Supporter

    @mouser and @karinabrown so interesting that we are all graphic designers. I have enjoyed it over the years, but currently am not in a fulfilling role as a designer (no, mouser, it doesn't have enough meaning for me, and also, I just think I no longer enjoy it). I actually think I fell into it because it was a "creative" profession that could pay the bills, but I think I resent it for that reason. I'd rather just be doing the creative professions that don't pay the bills. Mouser - 2 things come to mind when I read your posts...although I'm hesitant to suggest too many books, because I know I'm prone to getting caught up in self-help books!

    The Artist Way (book) is amazing - have you ever worked your way through it? I'd like to do it again, though the morning pages (journaling) is similar to this TMS program, and I only have time to do one thing at a time. But the idea of writing Every. Single. Day. seems to be a key to healing!

    Also, 29Gifts is a book I heard about that documents the incredible healing journey of a woman who was diagnosed with MS and received the "prescription" of giving something away every day for 29 days: http://www.29giftsbook.com/video.php (29 Gifts) I've never read it but it's another that I want to implement. I thought of you with your MS diagnosis. So glad you're in a good emotional state these days! Maybe just a little more time and the physical wellness will follow!

    @FredAmir and @EileenS so true - I mentioned being wary of getting caught up in the personality stuff...but it's just so fascinating! But remembering to pull back from all the "knowledge", tests, social media, and resources and turn inward (meditation) generally gets me on the right track. Learning to trust myself is the hardest thing. It could be so easy if I let it.
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  6. mouser

    mouser Peer Supporter

    I have heard of the Artist's Way and morning pages. I did the SEP journaling up to the ends of my lists but I don't feel much relief in journaling. I think the artist's way calls for longhand too. I know INFPs are supposed to be writers, And I CAN do it, it just feels like a chore. :p

    Being grateful and being giving are both good ways to a more positive life in all ways, I do believe that. I try to remember to find 3 things to be grateful for each day, but that would probably be better if I made a habit of writing those down. I also try to make a habit of meditation. I've been slacking lately, but Oprah and Deepak have a new 21 day course for free so I will follow along with them again.

    It's just weird that AFTER toxic people leave my life I get WORSE. (Scratches head)

    Maybe I need to quit my job. My boss had been saying for a while that he would sell the paper and retire when he turned 70. That has come and gone with no new end in sight. I was looking forward to it. I could concentrate on finishing the last bits of my college degree and live on savings and internships for a few months. He has been very flexible and accommodated my classes for the last 5 years. It feels disloyal and ungrateful to bail right now.

    That sounds pretty 'goodist', doesn't it?
  7. grateful_mama

    grateful_mama Peer Supporter

    There's no "supposed" to. Everyone is different. The Artist's Way and morning pages aren't for everyone - but her method is different than the SEP. It CAN feel like a chore in the beginning, but eventually starts to feel very freeing. (I committed to doing it a few times in the past, but am currently not. It's one of those things that really works for me if I stick to it). And it's not about being a good writer. It actually can work best for non-writers. It's about getting all the crap out of your head. Just getting rid of it. I highly recommend reading her book if you have creative tendencies (or secret aspirations).

    Sounds like you're beating yourself up a bit.

    Me too! And I love the Oprah/Deepak series. But stop beating yourself up! I'm going to try my best to stick to this series. The past few, I've inevitably missed days and gotten behind or fell off the wagon.

    Yeah, it does. That's a tricky place to be because your heart is in a good place...But just remember that the best we can offer the world or anyone is a whole and healthy self. And if you're unhappy at work, you aren't your best. Sounds like you feel trapped. I deal with this, as well. (basically, Most of what I'm telling you is just me speaking to myself ;) ). Maybe he feels like it would be disloyal to you to sell and retire? One of you needs to take the leap! To help each other.

    You'll figure it out. Trust yourself. You have everything you need to heal, make decisions, and be well and happy.
  8. mouser

    mouser Peer Supporter

    Saying I'm SUPPOSED to be a writer is a bit of a joke. I don't think anyone SHOULD do anything. I don't 'should' on myself anymore. Sometimes I think something is a good idea, like keeping a gratitude journal. Then I notice that either I do or I don't write one and am ok with it.

    Yeah, the boss has German heritage. I lived in Germany for a while and he has the same quiet pride and diligence. He also dose a few things 'business man' things I think are kind of crappy. I think loyalty means a lot to him.

    Since I healed from some minor ailments after leaving X, I know it's true. I have read dozens of stories of healing from illnesses far worse than back pain. I just wonder why after leaving toxic X going back to school which I enjoy and am doing for myself, that I develop chronic back pain 3 years later. That after bitchy lady at work quits, my pain gets WORSE. I don't get it.
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  9. Tennis Tom

    Tennis Tom Beloved Grand Eagle

    ^^^ This^^^ ​

    Positive distractive thoughts, infusing good emotional chemistry into the mindbody, versus negative repetitive thoughts, creating and maintaining TMS symptoms.
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