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Is sciatica type pain in leg always TMS?

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Leo, May 30, 2017.

  1. composingkeys

    composingkeys New Member

    Thanks for responding back, Leo. I'm really glad to hear the sciatica has left you for the most part! Perhaps some of the family events had you focusing less on your physical pain and allowed things to calm down? At any rate, I'm so happy you are doing better.

    I had struggled with tendinitis on my elbows for over 10 years and it finally just left after I pushed past the fear that damage was occurring and something was wrong. I use my hands a lot. I am a composer and play Piano, am on the computer all the time at home or at work at my day job which I attributed as the reason for the pain. Like anxiety, I had to push through it and use my arms and hands despite the pain and tell myself that nothing serious is wrong. It helped seeing a TMS Doctor when he thought I had a "classic" case of TMS to give me courage in believing I wasn't doing damage to myself.

    I had a back injury I thought and the fear of how it could affect my life made all the pain worse because I was afraid how it would affect my life and job as well. I've had sciatica for a little while during that time and it was really awful so I can relate with you saying how frustrating and depressing it must have been. After a year or more, it subsided and dissapeared. It hurt despite an MRI showing that I had no herniation only arthritis on the L5/S1. Now, I have new issues and to be honest it is still difficult to attribute it all to TMS as i have multiple things wrong (tailbone, penile pain, and shoulder pain) at the same time and it is painful which makes me think it has to be physical (a natural response I think) but I continue to think it could be TMS and the symptom imperative. It is very easy to be fooled. All of these have had some physical injury in the past but it could also be pelvic floor muscles tighted up from stress but it could be my mind using these spots to distract me or lessen all of the tension and worry I have in my mind. Its as if the mind is looking at a way to help me stop thinking of fears/worries/being stuck/insecurities that I deal with. All of these issues have lingered for years. It is a journey though.

    I hope you feel and continue to get better, Leo! All pain involves the mind whether it is TMS or not. The longer an issue is going on however, the more likely it could be TMS.

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