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Is my condition most likely TMS?

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by MJeyy, Jun 20, 2017.

  1. MJeyy

    MJeyy Newcomer

    Hello everyone I thought I'd share my story.

    So about 2 years ago now I started to get pain in my wrist and eventually shoulders. I went to A physiotherapist which told me to rest. The problem was that once I was resting I was laying in bed using a laptop slouching Which made my symptoms worse.

    With time It got even worse and I went to many physiotherapists without any results. I've done gym exercises for 9 months trying to improve my symptoms but nothing seems to work.

    At this point I have pain basically everywhere in my body. Worst I'd say is the upper back shoulder blades along with the shoulders, forearm, wrists. Alongside the pain I feel stiffness and with my wrist and hands I can make cracking noises.

    The worst part about my situation is that I had to quit school. I can't consume my interest like gaming. Neither can I masturbate without having Pain and stiffness afterwards. (It's okay if you laugh I am used to it)

    I've even done 8 sessions of acupuncture & Taken pain relief & depression medicine which didn't help. Also bought 2 ergonomic Mice & keyboard which didn't really help.

    I feel helpless and getting more and more stressed as time is going and I need to find and education or job but I can't with this pain.

    Right now I basically never use the computer. Instead I use my PS4 & my phone to check social medias.

    Recently I found out about TMS. And I've listen to the mind body prescription through audiobook and then read Dr John Sarno's top 10 healing Discoveries and I thought the book was quite interesting. And I'm thinking I might have this due to me being somewhat of a perfectionist, shaming myself and want other people to be ok. It's been 3 weeks or so and I've not seen much improvement even though I know it can take more time as we're all different. The things making me doubt that it's TMS is because of my increasing pain, stiffness after ejaculating or playing video games.

    Do you think this still could be TMS? I from now will atleast try it for a while and tell myself that my body is ok and try not to fear the activities I like doing.

    Thanks for the opportunity for help!
  2. Celayne

    Celayne Well known member

    I recently read The MindBody Prescription and thought - hooray! Now I have the answers to all my aches and pains. I felt really great for a short while but the symptoms returned, in new places and seemed to be more painful. It's apparently not unusual. It's a long process. It does sound as if you have TMS.
  3. MJeyy

    MJeyy Newcomer

    Thank you for the response. I gotta have patience then.
  4. fridaynotes

    fridaynotes Well known member

    Yes, sometimes a realization of TMS gives immediate relief from pain. Other times it can take weeks or months. However, if you are patient and work through it using the techniques, the specific pain will disappear as mysteriously as it arose. I use the affirmation "This pain will disappear as mysteriously as it arose"

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