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Is my chronic neck pain structural and new pain symptoms

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by marine89, Apr 20, 2020.

  1. marine89

    marine89 Peer Supporter

    hi there, i have had neck pain since 2015 probably after a car accident. Although the pain started 4 months later my mind cant seem to stop attributing it to that event. i first developed pain on the left side, than 1 year later the right side. Fast forward to dec 2019 i was rear ended at a light. Immediately i panicked and i was scared about making y neck worse although i didnt feel immediate pain. The following weeks i was scared and full of anxiety. About a month later i started feeling pain and tightness in my shoulder and then my original neck pain flared. I now feel new pain on the right side but this time its on the side/front of my neck which is totally maddening and upsetting. I did go for a cervical xray 2 days later in dec 2019 which was normal. What are your thoughts on my situation. Does anyone think i re injured my neck or is my new pain a symptom imperative here even tho the pain feeels absolutely ridiculous all down the side and front of my neck right side!! Thank you
  2. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    The accidents are only a trigger. I have been hit from behind a few times since I read Sarno and knowing that it is a common trigger I consciously DENIED the symptom, out loud verbally and doing TMS work. One of the itmes the guy was going 30 and hit me at a dead stop...pushed my car a long way (it was a Multi person shuttle Bus).

    The whole whiplash thing is a pile of old wives tale thats gained ground from chiro's and other quacks.

    Them-"Oh...that's gonna hurt tomorrow or the next day "
    Me- "Why? It's such a pussy it won't fight me now?"

    Society and our folklore have turned whiplash into a 'thing'...it's just a trigger. Most people are more concerned and in a rage about A. Having to get their car re-paired B. Sometimes angry at themselves if they were responsible and C. Reminding us how very fragile our belief in other drivers is... we need to believe that to stay sane and when they hit us that illusion of invincibility takes a hit. THOSE are all worth investigating.

    I recently talked to two people post hit-from-behind and both of them arrested the TMS before it took hold.

    The answer for your pain will always be found in your psychological state and the resultant fear/anger that the accident can provoke.
  3. healingfromchronicpain

    healingfromchronicpain Well known member

    I love what @Baseball65 wrote.

    I ruptured a disc in my neck in 2005, was in excruciating pain, began losing neurological function of my arm, and was told I needed surgery. I had the surgery (even though now I honestly believe it may not have been necessary). Then chronic myofascial pain developed (aka TMS).

    It took over 2 years of trying traditional medical crap before I discovered the truth about TMS and the mindbody connection. Then my pain dropped dramatically.

    Then a year later I was rear-ended. I told myself not to let it get stuck in my body. I knew it was a hoax. But my pain still spiked. I think it just was riding the wave of the other psychological troubles that I hadn’t fully resolved. It was very frustrating because I knew what it was going but couldn’t seem to stop it.

    After the car accident, we went through insurance to get the car fixed and because my pain spiked, my disability lawyer gave me the name of an accident lawyer and it went on to a settlement.

    Then 4 years later I was in another minor car accident. My neck pain still lingered from before, but this time when I got hit, I just took it in stride. I didn’t worry about it increasing my pain (actually unbelievably, because before it happened anyway). But this time luckily the other person and I both decided we didn’t want to go through any insurance companies. He just agreed to pay for the damages and I got the car fixed. Over and done.

    The first car accident, which went through lawyers and court, I’m sure just perpetuated the myth and increased my pain. The second accident had no impact on my pain.

    Moral of the story: Don’t believe the myth.

    I hope you feel better soon!

    (if your interested in the rest of my story, I just published a memoir and I have a personal website with a short description of my journey—see my profile)
  4. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    . In my experience it is usually that I have been sloughing off on my awareness and an event triggers it...and yes, if I have been falling asleep on my feet for awhile, I have some reviewing I need to do. That's why it's good to find some sort of discipline to keep us as awake as possible.

    ALSO. on a side note, I grew up in Hell A. (Los Angeles). It sort of disgusts me, but the system actually rewards your playing along with the TMS lie.... there is a whole network of Drs. and Chiro's and Lawyers in the 'hit from behind' business. Some people get excited like they won the lottery when they are hit! (sick)
    Long before I knew about TMS, I got hit... I missed about a weeks work with the 'whiplash' (TMS... I was homeless, my GF had left me and I was struggling to find work). The attorney I enlisted wanted to sue them for 25K. (a lot of cake back in the 80's). I thought that was crazy!

    When I agreed to the other insurance co's. offer to fix my bumper and take 500 bucks for my missing weeks work, The attorney lost his shit!....of course he would have got a third of the 25g's. Until that system is rectified, that is secondary gain theory in a nutshell.

  5. marine89

    marine89 Peer Supporter

    Wow thats a pretty crazy story? i have also been told my pain is myofascial pain. What does your neck pain feel like and do you feel it in the front and sides of your neck. Also., are you able to reproduce it by pressing into the area! Your post was very helpful thank you
  6. marine89

    marine89 Peer Supporter

    yea thats pretty interesting. I jusyt cant get it out of my head that this recent rear end in dec 2019 causes my symptoms to get worse. I def feel new symptoms in the front and sides of my neck which i never had before so im very worried about it, how can anyone not be. My ne sympomts didnt start until 1 month later which i know is totally not realistic to be a real injury as it mostly would of started immediately or dayds later/
  7. jcutrone821

    jcutrone821 Newcomer

    I agree with other commenters re triggers. Triggers can be movements, situations, or even thoughts. I would identify the top 5, and start purposefully putting yourself in those situations. The whole time keeping the right mindset (and self-talk) that you're ok, safe, and not injured.
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