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Is a Haglund heel still TMS?

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Mika, Jun 2, 2022.

  1. Mika

    Mika Newcomer

    Dear everyone, I´ve been a silent reader of this Forum for the last year and I love the wisdom and sharing of this community. I managed to reduce a lot of my symptoms with the TMS approach so far, but then half a year ago my right heel started hurting and slowly deformating which leaves me in agony for I can see the rapid bone changes.
    First the pain was only when I woke up, where I could sense a sharp pain on the spot where the heel had contact to the mattress, but in short time I developed a Haglunds heel and now I can feel it also in shoes. From the TMS books I for sure already knew the heel pain was super common for TMSers, but having now also the bone changes (Haglund) I again started doubting if this could only be TMS. I didn´t had any logical reason why all of a sudden I would develope a Haglung heel, for I haven´t done any sports or anything the would put more pressure on the heels, so my only explanation is that maybe because of a long former process of pelvis pain which I had ongoing for the last two years, which might have led to my butt and pelvis being in constant muscle spasm and tension, that this has shortend my tendons to a point where the foot joints where no longer taking it.
    Now very recently even my knee joint on the right side has changed it position and is now looking out when sitting. And by now this right leg ist falling asleep easily...
    I know that we all talk about the structural changes in the back or where ever are rarely the reason of pain, and I´m also aware that it´s not the haglung bone itself causing the pain, but I just can´t shake the medical explanation the this bone deformation is constantly triggering and imflamating the periosteum which is caught now inbetween the tightend Achilles tendon and the growing bone. And the warnings that any triggering of this part will make the bone grow eeven more, for I´m already struggeling wearing shoes.

    I love the whole TMS approach and I deeply believe that it is definately the fuel to the strongness my pain symptoms, but I can´t help but wonder if my pain really can be resolved completely by TMS approach, if there are all this an outside visible structural changes envolved. I would be super grateful for your thoughts and especially a testify and succes story of anyone who has experienced complete realse EVEN WITH ALL THE STRUCTURAL things.
    They are the reason why I don´t dare to just go and live and ignore the symptoms because I can see physical the changes and everyone is telling me the especially the Haglund might only get worther if I don´t strech all the time and avoid normal shoes.. (PS everytime I tried to ignore the bump (in TMS healing approach) and just tried sleeping on my back again the morning after it was even reder and more swollen and it seems to start to change physically on the other side now too. I would deeply appreciate your advices and experiences. All the best Mika

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