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Day 25 Introduction

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by SirJohn, May 23, 2020.

  1. SirJohn

    SirJohn New Member

    Hello, I wanted rather to make my first post so here is it. I want to shortly introduce myself so I hope this would the correct subforum.

    My name is John from Germany and I am 23 years old.

    All my pains in chronological order when I got it:
    1. back pain (rare)
    2. neck pain (often)
    3. feet pain (permanently)
    4. RSI (heavy)
    5. globe feeling* causing permanent nausea (the most triggered with suger and caffeine) (permanently heavy)
    6. tooth ache (strong)
    7. dried eyes (heavy)
    8. jaw pain (strong)
    *(I don't know the correct english word, it is something which you feel constantly inside your throat)

    My active symptomes are:
    1. neck pain (rare)
    2. RSI (sometimes)
    3. globe feeling causing permanent nausea (strong)
    4. dried eyes (sometimes)
    5. jaw pain (rare)
    My personality traits
    1. Perfectionism: Extremly heavy
    2. Legalist: Strong
    3. Stoic: Extreme
    To sum up, I am very success driven, as I have my own company which a want to grow big and fast. I often want to sacrifice healthness for success.

    My suppressed emotions:
    1. hate (extreme)
    2. rage (strong)
    3. powerlessness (strong)
    4. disappointment
    5. abandonment

    I will soon write a sucess story for some of my pain, but currently I am focusing about the remaining pain. I hope the educational will help me with that.

    Does anyone knows what I mean with "globe feeling causing permanent nausea" and have similiar sickness?
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  2. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Like using the Harvard notational form to list my symptoms! (LOL)

    That was extraordinarily well organized!

    Now about your symptom... do you mean like in your throat? Like cherry pit throat? Or are you talking about candida/thrush type symptoms? I have had both of those and both are stress related. The Thrush scared the shit out of me. I know there might be a language/culture different naming. Describe?
  3. SirJohn

    SirJohn New Member

    My conscious mind tells me to get everything organized for other people better understanding but I think unconsciously I just want to have everything in my control.

    Yes cherry pit is the thing that I am feeling inside. It fells like swallowed something and it stucked in the middle and now you just want to pull it away.
    Is cherry pit the official medical name? I was searching for my symptomes at the suceess stories, but haven't found sth similiar.

    My tongue is a little bit white, but I think there is nothing to worry about, but it might be a small TMS symptome as everything I have.

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