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Day 6 Interesting few days

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by scrat26, Jul 19, 2016.

  1. scrat26

    scrat26 New Member

    Had a couple of up and down days. Completed day 5 of the sep, and did the journal writing. Ended up writing for half an hour and couldn't believe how much come out and the direction it took too. Has given me a lot to think about and to work on obviously. I started with a major issue, the day I got the phone call that my Dad had died. Some people came to mind that I hadn't thought would have affected or influenced me, and some feelings that I wasn't expecting. After that my back and backside pain had virtually disappeared, and was getting ready for work and got a pretty bad headache, which lasted for the rest of the day. I've also had a few instances where the pain has reduced a bit, after I've been strict and very affirmative with self talk, but then have had some pretty painful back spasms. Which I've never ever had before! So I would have to say that's its increased my belief, that it is TMS.
    Day 6, and I am continuing to get up straight away in the morning, shower and get dressed regardless of the pain. Trying to change my conditioning. Very difficult this morning, could barely put my socks on and I had to go to work. Affirmations all morning, but it wasn't getting better. It usually eases during the day, but not today. Had a delivery to put away. Really struggled, fought back tears a few times, tried to talk my self out of it, I even went to my phone and read the 12 sayings by Dr Sarno a few times. Didn't sort of ease up until I got home but still quite painful. Got the wood in and dinner on still and it's ok at the moment while I'm here sitting but it's painful once I rise. Back from dinner and it's better now. I know this telling of my day is probably quite mundane but it seems to help me and feels good to get out. One thing I've come away with today is to work on my fears and what my triggers are too. Thanks for listening x
  2. hecate105

    hecate105 Well known member

    You have it in a nutshell - find out your triggers, find your fears, feel the emotions and work out where it has all come from. Gradually you will figure it all out and then release the pain. Good luck...

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