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Interesting Change in Symptoms

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by ac2448, Aug 2, 2018.

  1. ac2448

    ac2448 New Member

    My main problem for months has been the severe ache and burning/irritated feeling in the perineum pelvic area. One of the first symptoms I encountered prior to this back in February and lasted for over a month was a horrible groin pain just above my genitals to the left. This pain almost completely left me the exact week after starting physical therapy and hasn't been back since, after having been focused on the new symptoms that came.

    I have been working on the TMS approach for about a week or two now. I started to feel better after realizing that it is almost definitely TMS but lately have been getting worse in pain. The groin pain that once disappeared has come back. I think this supports the case for TMS and am trying my best to stay out of the panicked anxiety mode and am pretty confident that I am on the right track with TMS but still worry that it is from increased exercise. I worry about the possibility of a hernia that was missed, but I had an MRI done when I was at my worst with the groin pain.

    What are some ways people have had success to distract the mind from the physical when its attention goes to the severe pain?
  2. teachthis1

    teachthis1 New Member

    I had something similar to this, severe ache in the perineum area, for about six months many years ago. I had many tests, and the doctors found nothing. It eventually went away after I stopped obsessing about it.
  3. ac2448

    ac2448 New Member

    Same here, I have been having different symptoms for about 6 months, the longest lasting of those being the perineum pain. I came across the TMS diagnosis after I noticed that I barely had any pain when I was distracted and busy with enjoyable activities.
    I was able to start getting into working out with not much pain increase and mostly ignoring the pain but have had worsening of symptoms for a few days now. I tend to obsess about symptoms and always have throughout my life, so positive thinking and fully accepting TMS as the cause is my hardest challenge. I am mostly on board with the idea that this flare in pain is to try and pull my attention away from my emotions and towards my body, as I have been journaling and remembering emotional events from my past that I haven't thought about in years. I'm hopeful.
  4. teachthis1

    teachthis1 New Member

    We are in the same boat, my friend. You have to totally ignore it. I would read or stretch or watch tv or something. It seemed to help.

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