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Day 22 Intellectualism and stoicism

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Endless luke, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. Endless luke

    Endless luke Well known member

    Dear intellectualism,
    You are at the core of my identity and it's hard for me to think of you as a problem. When I'm analyzing things I feel safe and like I have control over what happens next. Or if not control than ability to have control if I can get my thinking right. So it's strange, disappointing and disconcerting that you may not be healthy for me. Not only that but it may have been counterproductive spending so much effort trying to get my thinking right.

    Trying to get everything planned out is a symptom of trying to control everything which is something I'm working on letting go of. My results so far have been good- despite putting dramatically less effort (and stress) my life hasn't gotten worse. I wouldn't say that this has lead to a lot of progress but perhaps that will happen.

    I'm still attached to thinking about things from multiple angles and I like coming up with a good strategy but these tactics may not be what help me as much as turning things over to a higher power/ not caring about results.

    Intellectualism is completely tied to stoicism for me- it's the method by which I achieve it. Stoicism is again another strategy which I thought would be helpful to me.

    The part of this program that I find the most helpful is the writing I suppose. Isn't that the bulk of it?

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