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Inner Vibrations

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by BuffaloSF, Nov 29, 2021.

  1. BuffaloSF

    BuffaloSF New Member

    Hello, first time poster.

    I check a lot of the typical TMS boxes, I've made big strides in getting my pain under control. My chest and back pain have nearly gone away, but they’ve been replaced by what I would call inner vibrations. They’re not spasms, they’re very rhythmic, fast beating and not visually noticeable on my skin, very internal. They happen for the most part at night when I’m sleeping. They wake me up at some point every single night. They’re very random, a couple days in my chest, then they'll move to my neck and the worst ones are in my head. They feel like my brain is shaking. The side effects are mild besides the fear of them and rarely getting a good night sleep. The stronger ones in my head often make me foggy the next day. I can’t seem to kick them, its been about 6 months now. I have seen a neurologist who told me it is nothing to worry about.

    Can anyone relate to these vibrations?

  2. Bitzalel Brown

    Bitzalel Brown Peer Supporter

    I am on the page with you, this one is a tough one. I also got past ,what I would call "pain" symptoms. But then my tricky brain started with tremors, blurry vision, any form of distraction that is hard for us to be covinced that there isnt something "really" wrong with us. The root of this usually what you mentioned in passing, FEAR. We are afraid something horrible is happening with us. I had in the past that everytime I lay down to go to sleep the bed started spining, like out of a horror movie. The fear of just going to sleep was terifying. But as also the countless asortment of tactics our TMS trys.We can beat it. Dr. Jeffery Shwartz in his book on beating brain lock- OCD writes that only tjing that can truly beat illness is our " I " our spirit which get an outside view of our dysfuctional brain and body and make an " I " decision that I am good. Yes i have a broken brain/OCD or broken brain/TMS but I want to live. I choose a diferent life. So go about life, be less fearful,feel safe and do what it takes to love yourself unconditionally. Take a look at Alan Gordans guide on this Wiki it can help big time. Keep you chin up, smile into the eyes of your fear. We pray for you.
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  3. BuffaloSF

    BuffaloSF New Member

    Yep, can relate to the feeling of being fearful of going to sleep and all that comes with it. Great advice. I know the biggest part is believing it will go away and that its nothing to worry about. I'll check out the links you suggested, appreciate it as well as the words of encouragement!
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  4. fridaynotes

    fridaynotes Well known member

    wow- i really related to this- it's precisely what i'm working on now... even journaling twice and day and analysis once a week haven't helped me clear up yet... but I'm hopeful because I've successfully worked through past pain and TMS symptoms. But recently i've really been struggling with overcoming and healing from TMS.
  5. Bitzalel Brown

    Bitzalel Brown Peer Supporter

    Friday, keep at it. TMS is like a dance partner who keeps changing up her moves, go where she goes. If journaling is not working practice mindfulness and feel SAFE with your symptoms. The better we get at feeling ,the better we will feel. We have to unlink our symptoms from the fear and uncertainty that comes with them. One thing I am certain of ,all of our struggles with TMS makes us a better person, more empathetic, more aware of ourselves and others. Praying for all the chronic sufferers to see the TMS journey as part of their greater purpose.
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  6. TG957

    TG957 Beloved Grand Eagle

    What a great post, truly sums up the TMS recovery journey! All, please remember, the weirder are you symptoms, the more likely they are TMS, so there is nothing to fear!!!
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