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Increase in pain after a 2wk good run...

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Shori, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. Shori

    Shori Peer Supporter

    Hi guys,

    I was having a really good run with my sciatica pain. It was sitting between 20-40% for most part during the last 2 weeks or so and sometimes of the day there was no pain or barely noticeable. But for the past 2-3 days the pain has notched up and doesn't want to go away.

    I have been a bit stressed out at work and can't think of anything else that could be contributing to it. As to what I understand acknowledging whats causing it is one of the ways to fix it. I have journaled how I have been feeling about work and it hasn't helped yet.

    Not sure what else should I be doing? Does it take some time to settle down if you have addressed the right cause? How else can I explore what might be the cause of this if it is not work stress?

    Just FYI...I'm into my 4th week of the Structured Education Program. But its taken me a while to get to the fourth week. I have not religiously done the program every day.

    Thanks for taking out the time to read my post and for your advise.

  2. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Obviously we don't know you personally, But.... You seem to have determined it's about work? What about personal relationships? What about Money? or, to be a crystal gazing hippy...where are you at in your spiritual life?

    Usually they are all tied up in a big Juke Ball of anger. E.G. I have a mystery symptom. Let's say, My hand goes numb.... but it's REALLY clear to me that it is my relationship with my significant other. None the less, I take out a scrap of paper and scribble.The truth goes something like THIS:

    "My girlfriend is out of her mind.... I don't have time for her shit, because I have a deadline on this job.... the job where my son is working for me and though he is doing OK I wish he would be more professional... he didn't cut those trim pieces correctly...oh god, now my client is gonna be pissed.... I wonder If I can get my check today with those pieces in that condition... I don't have time to fix them, but I need that check to make payroll...I need to leave early.... My Crazy GF wants me to take her to an art show....that I don't want to go to because I want to go see my sons rock band... If I don't go I will be a bad father....maybe my GF will leave me because I am a crappy boyfriend...maybe my client will fire me because of those crappy windows..... man I just want to go home and play guitar...Oh wait, I can't because my hand is numb"

    Um... that's probably the simple version. Usually when one area of our life is affected, it touches numerous things. If you were an outsider looking in you might say "Of course his hand is numb.... His brain made a command decision to distract him from all of that noise"

    I don't have to fix my GF, My son or the client. I just need to be aware that all of that mess (and other pieces I probably can't get to) has necessitated a distraction
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  3. Shori

    Shori Peer Supporter

    Thank you Baseball65 for a great insight.

    After assessing my life for the past few weeks again I think it is not one thing but a few that are causing the flare ups. A lot has been going on in the last few weeks and when I look deeply into whats been happening. There is nothing for me to be stressed about, I just take on the stress for some reason. Actually none of the situations warrant stress at all.

    I have everything I can ask for and really need to start appreciating what I have more than I actually do. I keep forgetting to live in the present...I need to constantly check myself.

    Thanks again for taking the time to read my post and help out.

  4. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    "I have everything I can ask for and really need to start appreciating what I have more than I actually do. I keep forgetting to live in the present...I need to constantly check myself. "

    I need to get that tattooed on the insides of my eyeballs!!!! I really have a blessed existence and God has removed all of the self-inflicted crap in my life. BUT paraphrased John Steinbeck " Feed a man, put him in a warm house on the arm of a beautiful woman and he'll die of despair".
    We are a peculiar species. I'll bet our dogs wonders why we're so depressed and stressed sometimes.
  5. Penny2007

    Penny2007 formerly Pain2007

    @Shori - happy things in your life can be stressful too. It's all about the thoughts they conjure up both unconscious and conscious.

    I've had a lot of happy events in my life in the last year like weddings of children and grandchildren being born. But instead of enjoying them I worry and I put a lot of pressure on myself to be a good mother and grandmother (both of which I never had). In addition to wanting to be the the type of mother and grandmother to my offspring that I never had (I promised myself when I was young that I'd never be like my mother and grandmother), it doesn't come naturally because I have no model to follow. This all creates A LOT of noise in my head and has caused anxiety and pain.

    Being mindful and even practicing mindful meditation is a great way to slow down your thoughts and be in the moment.

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