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impostor syndrome

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by livelife2bepainfree, Jan 27, 2021.

  1. livelife2bepainfree

    livelife2bepainfree Peer Supporter

    Friends, don't solve your impostor syndrome.


    Because there is nothing there to be solved.

    Not good enough is a feeling just like sadness, anger, or frustration.

    But you don’t say “sadness syndrome” or “anger syndrome” or “frustration syndrome”.

    If you want to feel good enough allow yourself to feel not good enough.

    Surrender. Give up. Stop fixing yourself.

    Give yourself the right to feel insecure for a moment.

    But how can you do that when you are bombarded with hundreds of articles every single day by leadership experts and well-respected websites?

    Have NYT, WSJ, HBR, inc.com, lifehacker and all the others helped you to feel good enough???

    If not, why not take a break?

    What if impostor syndrome was not a problem?

    Allow yourself to feel not good enough for a day.

    And go back to your beautiful work.

    See if that works.

    Loving you, Angelos

    PS: This is a small version of a longer article I wrote about impostor syndrome. You may want to read it here.
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  2. Looking for space

    Looking for space Peer Supporter

    Very timely for myself.
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  3. livelife2bepainfree

    livelife2bepainfree Peer Supporter

    glad to hear that my friend. Wishing you well, Angelos.
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