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Day 16 Im weary about WHO i tell about TMS.

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by wrestlingfanforever, Jul 27, 2021.

  1. wrestlingfanforever

    wrestlingfanforever Peer Supporter

    "Since starting this program have you told anyone about your condition and TMS? Why or Why not? If you have how did they react?"

    I don't tell many people about my tms because i know a lot of people won't believe me. Ive told my mum and my best friend. My mum believes me because she has seen this TMS approach work for me in the past. She believes me without question. She has seen me recover from such a pit of despair from not even being about to sit in a room with the light on- to jogging outside in the sunshine.

    In terms of any of my colleagues in wrestling industry- i dont plan on telling them. Whenever i got a concussion- none of them believed me and this made me feel worse. Because i LOOKED fine, they made it seem like i was lying. And THAT INFURIATED ME. So now i know if i tell them- im not concussed, but i have the symptoms of a concussion still because of TMS, they just arent going to believe that. They may have ruined my mental health, but they won't ruin my recovery.

    But you know what? I don't need their belief or their approval, because i have my own belief. I know this will work for me because i can already feel it working. I know my body and my mind and with this research im doing on TMS, i am learning how and why it is working the way it does. The diagnosis of TMS is the ONLY thing that makes sense to me. And i am happy about that because i KNOW and believe this is going to get better and i am going to be pain free from chronic pain/ TMS.

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