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Day 34 I'm seeing improvements!

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by cool_change, Mar 10, 2020.

  1. cool_change

    cool_change New Member

    I thought I'd check in today, as it just hit me that yesterday I *hardly* thought about my symptoms at all, for the first time in months. I spent the afternoon at the beach, building sandcastles and playing in the sun and was so in the moment that I (almost) forgot about my pain *chef's kiss*. I went to bed last night (always the worst time for me physically) and hardly felt a symptom.

    It's been a very long time of daily obsession about my pain (I know you all can relate), so this feels like a small but important victory. I've found that in the last week or two I'm generally reacting in a calmer way when I do have pain. I'm aware it's there, but my instinct is not to freak out with anxiety about it quite as much.

    I know I've still got work to do, and the symptoms and anxieties are still there (today wasn't anywhere near as great as yesterday), but I count a day of mild symptoms and reactive thoughts to be a win - and wanted to share this small moment with you.

    -- CC
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