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I'm on day 10

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by RedRover, Mar 7, 2022.

  1. RedRover

    RedRover Newcomer

    I definitely experience TMS and I know for sure that my symptoms are caused by emotions. I do believe in Neural Pathways as well but I know that my main symptoms arise from emotions. The other night I was having a difficult dream, and when I awoke I felt my stomach in knots, burning sensations, muscle and arm tensions, ankle pain and even TMJ. I have other weird symptoms as well, like burning face, a feeling inside my nose that feels like I got punched or rubbed the inside raw but also accompanied with almost a weird smell.

    I used to look for the cause for all of these things until I started the TMS approach. Even then, I was not 100% sure until the other night, when I felt all of these things as a result of a difficult dream which felt emotional. It dawned on me. Now, the problem is what do I do, if anything. I realize and understand that we should feel our emotions. Emotions will never stop, does that mean my symptoms will never stop also? I read enough about Buddhism and Meditation and they state that the nature of the mind is to wonder and roam - if my symptoms are a result of of my mind producing emotional responses to conflict how will ever get out of this?

    I am sort of confused at what to do or how to proceed even though I feel I know what the cause is.

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