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Day 1 I'm new to this

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Delia, Jun 15, 2021.

  1. Delia

    Delia Newcomer

    So I'm on day 1 of the educational programme. I hope I can make it through to the end of the course as it feels like this is my last hope of resolving my issues.
    I have only recently learned of Dr Sarno's work on TMS and at first I was sceptical. I live in the UK, so naturally I immediately searched for advice around TMS on our National Health Service website - there was nothing to be found. I started looking for articles on the internet. I found a self assessment toolkit which I completed to determine if it was likely I was suffering with TMS - it indicated that 'I've got it'.
    Like others, I've had my problems for many years - in my case 13 years, but recently it's become worse. It started as left ankle pain, spreading to my left calf, and left foot, then my knee and the back of my thigh and now lower back. I've been referred to Consultants across many specialities - ortho, gynae, vascular; I've had various pain medications, I've seen physios, I've tried massage, acupuncture, better nutrition, exercise, stretches, injections, pain clinics and counselling. The scans and x-rays I've had showed a double crack in a lower spinal bone which seems to be causing a slight misalignment of my spine which is causing a herniated disc which the surgeon thinks is pressing on my sciatic nerve - thus causing the pain but they're not certain. They offered spinal fusion surgery to correct it but they said the surgery may not resolved the pain so I declined it. I have another surgeon saying they think it might be endometriosis which could be pressing on my sciatic nerve - again this isn't certain.
    It's gotten to the point where I can't/don't want to drive, see people or leave the house. I'm only 40 years old.
    At the moment I am determined to complete this course. I hope my determination carries me through to the end of the programme.
  2. Andy Bayliss

    Andy Bayliss TMS Coach & Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Delia, and Welcome,

    So many here had a time when they felt lost and like nothing worked, there were no good choices. I was scheduled for nerve surgery, and last minute, took Dr. Sarno's book The Divided Mind to the desert for serious retreat, and this was started turning things around for me. If you like you can read some of my stories at my website, embedded in my tag below.

    I'm glad you found this website, and this work, and it is wonderful that you're starting the SEP. It has helped many people.
    By making this aim, you're already on your way. I hope you do have the steadfastness to follow through. Sometimes it takes until the end of the program to really get results. I recommend you're patient with the process. And forgive us for not having all the links updated. You can often google and find a similar or same link.

    The process is very personal for most, and very individual. Each person finds some pieces which really make sense to them. Go deep, and learn about yourself. Folks who have gone through this program often report deep learning about themselves. Connect what you learn with the theory: that the inner stuff "does not want to be felt" and that symptoms arise instead.

    Keep us posted!

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  3. braveheart

    braveheart Peer Supporter

    If you are looking for support in the UK you might want to check out Georgie Oldfield's website. She is professionally trained as a physiotherapist but offers coaching/online programs based on Dr Sarno's work. I don't have experience with her but have seen her name mentioned on some TMS Facebook groups. www.georgieoldfield.com
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  4. Delia

    Delia Newcomer

    Thank you for you recommendation - I'll have a look at her website.
  5. Delia

    Delia Newcomer

    Thank you for your kind words of support

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