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I'm just not firing on all cylinders. Could it be TMS?

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by gitch, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. gitch

    gitch Peer Supporter

    Hi all.

    I've been here on and off over the past year, since discovering Healing Back Pain and conquering some pretty nasty nocturnal back and rib pain, as well as an inability to sit down for any reasonable length of time. Apart from the occasional battle during sleeping, I've been largely pain-free since then.

    In November last year, I mentioned I had been feeling fatigue since getting hit by two pretty big illnesses during our winter. This hasn't really improved. I've seen my doctor, had two rounds of blood tests (the second, more thorough than the first) and nothing odd showed up. I've spent hundreds on vitamins and online advice, thinking it must have been adrenal fatigue (which I've had before).

    Today I decided to start my search from scratch. I typed my symptoms into Google, and on the first page, I found a link to a post on this forum. I've briefly toyed with the idea that TMS could be causing my symptoms, but wrote it off soon after, but now I know others have found the same thing, I'm immediately suspicious.

    Basically, what I'm feeling is the way you feel after you've had a major cold or flu and are still recovering. Exercise, in particular, is really difficult. My ceiling is much lower, when I push myself, I feel myself getting all hot and flushed, and sweat after a tiny amount of exertion. I can't handle heat of any sort, and exercise seems to exacerbate this. If I do push myself hard, I'll be a wreck the next morning. As a result, my exercise is virtually nonexistent. I've put on weight, which I don't like, I'm often low in energy, and overall, just feeling a little bit 'broken'.

    Even if I haven't exercised, I'm finding it's harder and harder to get the energy I need in the mornings as the week goes on. Weekends are spent recharging.

    This has some of the hallmarks of TMS, in that there are no medical abnormalities (one round of testing was done in September, one was done in February) and definitely it's consuming a lot of my attention. I'm interested to hear others' thoughts on this, and also, if anyone has any advice around how to overcome this unique strand of TMS.


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