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Ignore the symptoms, or accept them

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by dharn999, Nov 6, 2016.

  1. dharn999

    dharn999 Well known member

    im in a bit of a rut currently. I know I'm doing better but I can't stop noticing my symptoms this time around.. the first time I beat this I litteraly accepted the diagnosis and then just ignored the symptoms because they were harmless.

    Whenever they started to hurt or bother me I just remembered what the root cause was (being TMS) and I went on with my day...

    This time I know I'm trying to rush myself through this and it's causing me to put way too much focus on my symptoms, but I'm wondering if anyone has any advice on what have them some success

    I've tried to preoccupy myself so I don't dwell on the symptoms and I am staying active but I keep giving the symptoms attention, and this creates some doubt here and there

    Do I just keep on with what I'm doing and eventuallynit will give in or should I try something new...

    I'm trying to ignore the symptoms more than anything and preoccupy myself with other things, but I'm wondering if I should embrace and accept them because they are trying to tell me something

    Any suggestions?
  2. Tennis Tom

    Tennis Tom Beloved Grand Eagle

  3. dharn999

    dharn999 Well known member

    Honestly I don't think I've ever fully understood what it means to think psychological.. I understand what's causing my pain, I just don't get how to rid it by thinking psychologically.. do I just keep thinking of the stresses of my life and work through them? Or do I just need to keep reminding myself what's actually causing the pain
  4. Tennis Tom

    Tennis Tom Beloved Grand Eagle

  5. dharn999

    dharn999 Well known member

    I need to reassure myself more often, lately I've been down because the pain has me off.. at first I tried to just stay positive and keep telling myself that it's TMS, you've done this before, you are okay. But it's hard to stay positive..I've been reading that staying positive isn't as important as it's made out to be..

    I think I'm mistaking positive attitude with belief... and belief maybe the thing I'm lacking right now because I'm so frustrated that I can't get much relief.. I keep up with journaling and trying to think psychological but again, for some reason I'm facing more and more doubt and honestly I do not know why

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