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Day 3 Identifying a "Pile-on" Thought

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Adventure Wheels, Mar 1, 2019.

  1. Adventure Wheels

    Adventure Wheels Newcomer

    After journaling a few things that make me mad or sad, I started realizing throughout the day when a ''pile-on" thought is happening and I am more in control of how I react to it. As emotions and feelings arise, thoughts can pile om top of each other, it is no wonder we are spasmed into painful submission.
    For example....and it is so funny to me. My husband was making a cuppa soup and just poured boiling water over the soup mix without measuring it. I like the ratio of broth to noodles that measuring creates. He likes more broth so he just dumps water in. As soon as I thought how pissed I was that he put so much water in the soup (laughing while thinking of it even now) ...I realized it was a pile-on thought and laughed in my head at how silly it was. Then, I felt a giddy rush as if my brain rewarded me with delight instead of an ache in my back for having a positive thought instead of a negative one.
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