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IC/bladder pain - anyone else?

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Barbinlr, May 4, 2022.

  1. Barbinlr

    Barbinlr Newcomer

    Just read Dr. Sarnos book and believe my level of pain could be explained by him. Would like to ask if there is anyone else dealing with IC this way. Thanks, Barbara
  2. Skylark

    Skylark New Member

    Hi, yes I have been “diagnosed” with IC before. Bladder pain, burning, frequent urination, the feeling that you have a constant bladder infection even though every test comes back fine. Sound familiar?…it’s TMS. It came on during a time of heavy stress, I had it for almost a year and it went away when something else took its place. In my case severe depression. Also tms I believe. There are other people on this forum who have been diagnosed with IC as well. There’s a search feature where you can look for threads that discuss it. You’re in the right place!
  3. Barbinlr

    Barbinlr Newcomer

    Thank you so much! Feel like I’ve finally found an answer to my suffering. Will do a search
  4. Aurora

    Aurora Peer Supporter

    I was also diagnosed with IC before. I believe it was a misdiagnosis since all I really had was an irritable bladder. I used to have chronic pain in my hands.

    I tried to read all the TMS books to try to get rid of the pain but then I had to deal with anxiety and depression. It was a never ending quest to try to find what my emotional triggers were, what emotion was I suppressing, etc. Now I know that there is no end of sorrow if you keep looking for what's wrong. I would highly recommend the book Chronic Pain Rehabilitation by Dr Evan Parks to understand how pain works, You Are Not Your Pain for a step by step program to how to change your relationship to pain so that it's less scary, and finally The End of Self Help. The last one was a game changer for me. It doesn't talk about pain at all but reading it helped me understand why I kept getting stuck in never ending problems that I had to solve.
  5. Barbinlr

    Barbinlr Newcomer

    Thank you! Will check out the books.

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