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I wrote about repressed anger, it got me angry and gave me a massive energy boost. Is that bad?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Skeleton Bob, Aug 30, 2018.

  1. Skeleton Bob

    Skeleton Bob New Member


    Earlier today I was writing about something that is bothering me, and I'm repressing the anger a lot. Before I wrote about I felt pretty calm, and afterwards I was full of energy, and it felt like my adrenaline skyrocketed.

    I used that energy to do some exercise, so I tried to channel it into something productive. I did feel a lot better afterwards.

    I'm just a bit scared thinking wow writing about some repressed anger, really got me angry and fired up. Surely that can't be good for me?

    Has this happened to anyone else? I want to write about repressed anger, but I'm a bit scared as it can make me really angry and fired up! Surely that can't be good for me? It's scary when the pent up anger all comes flowing out!

    Any comments would be appreciated.

  2. Lizzy

    Lizzy Well known member

    I think it is a good thing that you felt the anger. Using the energy from the adrenaline was probably a good thing too, because action is a natural reaction to "seeing a saber toothed tiger." Stress chemicals are meant to be there at stressful times. Unfortunately modern life has too many opportunities to be stressed.

    Its just a guess, but you probably won't have anger all the time, or if you do have it every time it will only happen for a short while.

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