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I want to ride bike again

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by mncjl123, Jul 17, 2016.

  1. mncjl123

    mncjl123 Peer Supporter

    I have not ridden a bike in years! I want to ride again, but fear of the seat causing sciatica pain is stopping me. Any thoughts?
  2. hecate105

    hecate105 Well known member

    Hell yeh...!

    I had 'fibromyalgia' (so called) and for over 20 years I was in chronic pain and stopped doing everything i loved, no walking, no cycling, no life. Then - even before i found Sarno and TMS, I had decided that i would be in pain whether i did things or no. So (after many months working up to it) I got a bike, loaded it up and cycled the pilgrim routes of Portugal, Spain and France for 4 months - with my long-suffering husband. It was excruciatingly painful and I was exhausted most of the time BUT - i did it - I got my life back, I felt the pain and just carried on.
    Part of the 'fibro' was sciatical pain, and the first day I had to slather myself in muscle lotion from head to toe.
    Having since found the Structured Educational Programme on TMSwiki and Sarno's books - I am now pain free and again working as a landscaper and garden designer. I am just about to cycle around Wales too.
    Do not let pain dictate to you what you can or cannot do. I have met people cycling cross country who have no legs, horrific injuries and even the blind....
    Just do it - right now...!
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  3. Tennis Tom

    Tennis Tom Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hecate's story is a MIRACLE! WOW! I had "sciatica" pain years ago--along with many other pain spots, ITB, piriformis syndrome, L4/L5 "pinched nerve". Either they were mis-DX's or O2 deprivation but they all went away in a matter of days, weeks or months, (I've still got a hip though, but it's my own). I have no recollection of how many years ago the sciatica was, or for how long it lasted, maybe weeks or months, but it definitely went away--so yours can too! I got on my bike a few years ago and it went fine, I had to be careful getting on and off because of my hip, but once on the saddle no pain. Dr. Sarno would likely tell you to JUST DO IT! If it hurts give it about 20 minutes for your joints to juice up.
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  4. Ellen

    Ellen Beloved Grand Eagle

    What a great story! You are such an inspiration!
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  5. mouser

    mouser Peer Supporter

    I am hoping to get back on my bike too. Riding doesn't hurt, but I can't lift my leg over to get on the bike and my balance os off.
  6. Tennis Tom

    Tennis Tom Beloved Grand Eagle

    I'm in the same boat--er, bike, when I took my bike ride a while back I put the bike down on it's side and then got on. To get off, I pulled up to a garage door or another solid object for support and lowered the bike down--something like that.
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2016
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  7. mouser

    mouser Peer Supporter

    For the first year I did the same, then I got a women's smaller bike. (I'm tall and had a men's bike, which is ok as my now tall son can ride it. :) )
  8. karinabrown

    karinabrown Well known member

    Hi ,

    I have footpain, and had pain in the buttock maybe periformis.. Maybe sciartica : they could never agree so would not label it now : that pain is gone! What i am doing is using a Stationary bike. That made it easy to do in the beginning only a few minuten. I have been slowly building that up (no quick and hasty stuff for me) for me that was the way : i could check very carefully what i could do without creating more pain, and i was less scared that way.
    I do not believe in the jump on it and act like nothing is wrong. I needed to carefully build up Some confidence.
    We all are different ofcourse...
    Just try

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