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I want to believe, I feel like I’m starting to but setbacks

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by cammb33, Nov 22, 2021.

  1. cammb33

    cammb33 New Member

    I have a herniated disc. Dr sarno tells me that it does not cause pain but when I press on the area it hurts and it’s a struggle putting on socks and shoes. So what exactly is going on here?
    I’ve overcome a ton of fear in the last few months. Pretty much doing anything physical I want to, but how could that pain still be there when I simply touch the area of my spine?
  2. Cog

    Cog Peer Supporter

    That's how TMS works my friend. You just need to keep believing and following a treatment program. It takes time, patience, continuing to believe. Doubts will creep in, especially when you're still in pain, but take note of any change in symptoms or even a little improvement. Add each of those moments to what will be a growing list of proofs that TMS is what you are experiencing and not pain from the herniated disk.
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  3. bobbarr

    bobbarr New Member

    How long ago was your injury/herniation?
  4. cammb33

    cammb33 New Member

    I lived with a herniation for 15 years till I recently got surgery. The surgery made symptoms worse and found out I re herniated.
  5. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Sarno discussed that in "Healing Back Pain".. I can't reach around and press on mine anymore, but long after my pain was gone using this program, I still have some tender spots...one in the lower back right around all of the incision scars. That 'tenderness upon palpation" might never go away, but the symptoms (pain, sciatica, spasms, numbness) will go away
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  6. johnebbe

    johnebbe New Member

    Hi there!

    I know what you are going through. I went through a severe back episode about 1,5 years ago. Lower back was killing me and pressing on the area was excruciating. I went to every type of doctor, physio, chiro etc. They had different ideas, said I had unbalanced hips, needed surgery etc. Of course, they were all wrong. And the more I met with them the worse I felt.

    I started reading Sarno and researched the success rate of back surgery etc. I live in Sweden and we are commonly known for having a quite good health care system (at least before privatization of everything) but when looking at back surgery data, the success rate is just horrific. Almost 50% of people still have pain 2 years after surgery. I also realized that 80% of all back surgeries are conducted by private surgeons, owned by international investment firms. Putting this information together it became quite clear to me that back pain is highly profitable and it's prevalence in Swedish discourse is due to economic interest. I know I sound like a socialist here, but trust me, this is so fucked up.

    Anyway, back to the issue at hand. I started focusing finding inner peace. I started meditating and just smiling as much as I could, sounds silly but it really worked. I tried meeting new friends, started playing disc golf every weekend and never said no to anything. I know that I'm privileged to be able to do so. I also switched jobs. Used to work as a management consultant, where I felt no purpose. Money was the only driving force for me and my colleges. Just horrendously hollow. I started working within health care, specifically cancer care. All of a sudden I felt that me going to work meant something. Sitting on the bus to work was not only me being part of the rat race. Furthermore, I started lifting again. Heavy as hell. Deadlifts and squats. A bit painful at first but it went away. In the beginning I was thinking that: "okey, let's say that lifting this heavy my back will get even worse. But if it does, it will lead to surgery which the doctors already say that I need". As such, the outcome would be the same and I was able to get rid of my fears. I also started reading a lot about the benefits of weight training. And I'll tell you, going to the gym and lifting heavy is the best thing you can to for your health, bones strength, resilience to injury when you get older etc.

    To finish off, I had a follow-up MRI 3 months ago. Still two big herniation in my lower back, but no pain.

    BR John
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  7. cammb33

    cammb33 New Member

    Hey thanks for the reply. Did you deal with pain down any part of the legs at anytime? I have a tough time believing the pain down my legs is NOT from my herniation. But I also understand Sarno says that herniation does not cause pain. This is the part I’m struggling with.
  8. johnebbe

    johnebbe New Member

    Hi again,

    I had a lot of leg pain. Especially in my right leg. And the pain got even worse when the MRI showed that the herniation was more severe towards the right side of the spine.

    To be honest the honest the entire experience of going to an orthopedic doctor was very strange. It felt like they're were only feeding my fear by trying to explain all my pain by looking at the MRI. It was like they were looking for tiny details in my spine, like some strange detective work. Working within health care now, I'm certain that it goes against all medicinal practices. Very unscientific.

    Over time I realized that my leg pain were "separate" from by back. It was just one TMS-outlet, similar to my back.

    BR John
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