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I need opinion about my story, my question and TMS

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Shambambo, Jul 27, 2022.

  1. Shambambo

    Shambambo Newcomer

    Hello, this is my first post and I want to talk about how I've found myself in this forum and then ask my question. Please read though. I am 27 years old.

    My back pain story started about 3 years ago, during a weightlifting day. While on the bench, I put pressure on my neck and my neck muscles on the right side spasmed so hard. I went to a neurologist that ordered some MRI (I will post my MRI in 2019 and my current 2022 one) .
    He said yada yada, you have protrusions etc... At that time I was having all sorts of problems, my past traumas and frustratement, now this? I thought it was all over for me. I started developing aches, tingling, numbness, electric feelings all over my body shortly before my physical exam and MRI. I asked him if these could be from my discs, he said no. I made appointment with every kind of professional and only urology was missing at this point, all clear. Went to psychiatrist and started using antidepressants, which had no effect and I quit after a year.
    Fast forward, I had another MRI couple days ago that showed disc bulge on my c4-c5, doc said physiotherapy, I said I have no time. Asked if it can be debilitating, She Said not for now, May e for future. Same story, aches all over, panic attacks, pessimism, tingling, what ever you can name.
    I was going though REDDÄ°T, searching about spinal problems for my pain(this is before my second MRI) , I saw someone talking about Mr. Sarno and his work, I checked it. I was able to read his healing back pain book, and my pain kinda subsided. As I Said, This was before my second MRI, the one that I learnt about my disc bulge in c4-c5.
    I started writing about one of my traumas and I cried for 5 minutes straight, I was deeply wounded by that memory apparently, writing it was tough. However, my back pain kinda subsided after that, I sat through a movie with my family, back pain was in hiatus.

    My question is:
    1. I think I have TMS since I had bad childhood and teenagehood, I have lots of bad memories that I carved into me. I am a perfectionist and an introvert. I have hypocondria and search for every thing. Aside all this, I love lifting weight and disc bulge thingy is making me hesitant to go on. Should I stop my activities and start doing physiotherapy? Weightlifting is the only thing I can discharge my emotions with. And I have a neck at it (funny pun and smirks).

    I will post mri pictures, if you have anything to say, feel free but I don't think my 3 year deterioration is that bad). Look up right corner in pictures, some of them are from 2019, some from 2022.

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  2. Booble

    Booble Well known member

    Hi Shamba --- Welcome.
    I would double check with the medical professional and get the physical A-OK on the lifting and then you'll be good to go.
    Be careful not to read more into whatever the doc says than exactly what the doc says.
    If you have health anxiety (hypochondria) like many of us we tend to "hear" things from a doctors and medical practitioners and the internet different from other people. The doctor makes a noise or lifts an eyebrow and we think "uh, oh, she's afraid to tell us that we're dying...."

    You need a simple answer,

    "Am I cleared to continue weight lifting? With or without any weight restrictions?"

    If you are cleared -- then go for it.
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  3. Shambambo

    Shambambo Newcomer

    Thank you a lot for the information. Doc told me to be a bit more careful, so I am changing it to be way less strenuous than it was.
    But the question in my head is bulging discs or even ruptures are that important? I have read nothing really helps with these things other than alleviating symptoms, if any, and recovery process is full of uncertainty. I have read many other people's stories with tms and terrible MRI findings, still alive and kicking, way more vibrant than those without and structural abnormality probably. I have read about guys, lifting almost three times their body weight although they have herniation some where in their spine. You got my point I believe. Of course I am not going to try to explode my back, but I am still wondering.
    All things aside, after reading the book and started to keep journal, my back pain is significantly subsided.
  4. Booble

    Booble Well known member

    If doctor said be a bit more careful, that sounds like you are cleared.
    But you could always do a quick phone call to her office to clarify. No need to wonder or guess. Ask. (Your doctor, not the Internet.)
    Then you can proceed with full faith and confidence.
  5. Shambambo

    Shambambo Newcomer

    Thanks a lot :)
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