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I may have to put TMS on hold

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by paddipaws, Nov 14, 2013.

  1. paddipaws

    paddipaws New Member

    I went for my flu jab yesterday. First one ever and nurse said I might feel unwell. I said I already felt unwell and we got talking, so I told her about my back pain around the waist and sides, my complete exhaustion and my itchy arms and legs. She looked at her computer and said 'it might all be because of the kidney disease'. I asked her what she meant - I know I've got to have a third repeat blood test but the doctor had sent a letter as he was going on holiday so I assumed it was nothing to worry about. I was able to glance at her screen and there was a long paragraph flagged up in red. It was an 'oops' moment and she got quite flustered because she obviously thought the doctor had talked to me about it. Apparently my creatinine is way too high. I think I've had enough now, don't want to be poked and prodded any more. It would account for some of the symptoms. Anyway whatever will be, etc... I think I'll just take it easy, try and chill out and get wait until I know what's really going on. I bet that nurse felt awful but the doctor should have told me is going on.

    A worried Paddipaws
  2. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    You still have to hold your head up and think for the best paddipaws any way you look at it ya know. There's no use worrying if you was already reconditioned but your not so you will worry and no one can keep you from doing that.

    I want you to know though that's there something else you could think of that will really help you if you have hope. Its called visualization and you need to start seeing your Dr. telling you everything is going to be ok. See yourself happy and joyful as your Dr is telling you the good news, see yourself the way you've always wanted to be.

    Even if you got a glimpse of a red flag, and the nurse said something about your kidneys- it still doesn't mean your going to die ok. You have to get the above visualization down in order to take some sensitization off from your nervous system. The more you believe to go down hill the more you will so please be kind to yourself and start seeing paddipaws coming out of all of this a winner.

    Imagine it and feel it with all your being, it will take several weeks for you to start experiencing it emotionally but you can imagine it very quickly. So many don't believe in the power of their own thoughts to heal them and so they just let thoughts happen. No, let those thoughts focus on good outcomes and hope then you'll see a difference in all your life. Wishing you the best paddipaws.
    Bless you
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  3. njoy

    njoy aka Bugsy

    I would talk to my little girl part who is scared right now. Tell her you will be looking after this situation over the next while. She needs to know she is safe and that the smart, adult paddipaws is in charge and will do what's needed. If she is aware of that, she won't be so upset and can even, perhaps, have some fun as you work on getting your body healthy.
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  4. paddipaws

    paddipaws New Member

    I am worried, not terrified but I need to know, the outcome is beyond my control. I think thats part of our TMS - we need control. I have a friend who is in a lot of pain, she goes regularly for injections, therapy, drugs and never gets better. I've given up physical therapy and am no worse for it. We look for answers within ourselves while she is looking to someone else. When I had a ruptured appendix last June I didn't worry that much because it was out of my hands and I feel a bit like this now. At least if there is a kidney prob and it's treated some of the symptons might improve then I will feel more able to work on the remainder. thanks for your kind messages. The real Paddipaws is lying on my stomach purring at the moment. I must put him on a diet.

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