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Day 4 I lucked out

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by susang, Sep 28, 2012.

  1. susang

    susang New Member

    What's the worst thing a doctor has ever said to me? I've been REALLY lucky here. I've never had an MRI. I was just about to, as well.

    I had a chiropractor tell me over the summer that I was talking myself out of healing....I was actually trying to tell HIM that the adjustments weren't really making that much of a difference.

    And my bikram yoga teacher pushed me to do more classes, not less, if I had a herniated disc....so that was also helpful because in bikram we learn so much about how the mind limits us. Even today I could see how flexible I was after two weeks of no class...it was my mind who used to say how that was impossible....it isn't.

    The doctors/physical therapists/etc. who have treated me all believed that this was a problem of tight muscles....especially in my hamstrings....since learning about TMS I have totally stopped stretching outside of the yoga I do...and look at that. I'm more flexible that before.

    So grateful.
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