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I lost my TMS belief because of TOS part of the book

Discussion in 'About This Site' started by hasan, Jun 12, 2020.

  1. hasan

    hasan Newcomer

    Hi, I suffer from TOS (thoracic outlet syndrome) for 4 years and scoliosis. I have left up back pain especially when I stand up for a long time. I tried everything to heal including many physical therapists, acupuncture, the scroth method, many massages, chiropractor etc. All makes some relief for some time but then pain comes back. Also after experience of pain, I had faith that if I stand too long I will have pain or if I do that and that my pain will occur. So my life was not good in terms of health situation. 2-3 weeks ago, I confront Dr. Sanro's book and started to read "healing back pain" and it makes me so happy. Because there was a hope for me. I felt so much better. I believed that I have TMS. My life suddenly became much more better, I was so optimistic and felt that pain started to diminish already. Fo more information I bought the other book "the mindbody prescription". While I was reading I confronted the part "thoracic outlet syndrome". I was so excited before reading. But It was saying "The space traversed by the large blood vessel going into the arm is known as the thoracic outlet. the space can be narrowed by an extra rib, but this is quite rare. In the absence of an extra rib, doctors hypothesized that muscles in the shoulder are compressing the blood vessel and causing arm pain. There is no evidence that this happens." Wow. What? I have extra rib! And my MRI report says that this extra rib touches slightly to cervical plexus block which means I have TOS as anomaly. This "thoracic outlet syndrome" part of the book made me hopeless again because I believed that there was nothing wrong with my spine but now even Dr. Sarno says I am a part of a quite rare situation. I know that it is not rational but it ruined my faith about I have TMS. In my mind I still know that I still have probably TMS because all reasons Dr. Sarno says fit me. I am type A person trying to make people happy, perfectionist, caring about what people think about me etc. But still after reading TOS part of the book I got some doubt and I can't figure out what to do. Do I really have TMS or do I have TOS for real? This question makes me nervous and I don't know what to do. I'm looking forward to see your recommendations. Thanks...

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