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i have my life back!!! :D

Discussion in 'Success Stories Subforum' started by freefly, Sep 23, 2018.

  1. freefly

    freefly New Member

    hello friends [​IMG]:) hoping to boost your hope and motivation with my success story!! keep it up you will get there!
    In march 2017, age 24, i injured my back while exercising and until january 2018 had severe upper back pain. Gave up work, had to lie down flat for most of the day; sitting or walking increased my pain alot and it would take an hour of lying flat to reduce it again. even basic activities like washing dishes or making food caused intense pain... as a young active adventurous person this was highly distressing.. i was diagnosed with bulging disc.. also got severe neck and arm pain after an osteophyte showing up on mri.. sciatic pain too.. I tried many physical therapies, nothing helped.. I was in huge pain, dehabilitated, hugely frustrated and terrified.

    I finally found john sarno's books in january ahhh light at the end of the tunnel! concepts made total sense to me.. As suggested in the books, I took attention away from pain and into emotional stresses more - being more mindful of when i might be triggered and repress feelings, and putting aside 20minutes a day to let it out through writing - about any anger i might be feeling on some level and not acknowledging fully or at all.. often it was childish parts of me, or pressures i put on myself to succeed in different ways or gain approval, anger at life or people.. i journalled feelings and stresses for maybe 20 minutes a day.. [In retrospect also there was an emotional conflict going on within me around when i hurt my back originally (i was tempted to be untrue to myself and my inner self was crying out not to do it...)]

    I kept reminding myself the pain was psychological and read tms books and success stories daily.. did more exercise day after day, even tho it hurt and bit by bit resumed pain-inducing activities, not being so careful and ignoring the pain when it arose (as best i could)... Most importantly i understood that a bulging disc does not cause pain, but rather it was there to serve as a distraction.. (statistics in sarnos books and the wealth of success stories made this clear!!)

    4 months later i was 95% improved..and overjoyed!!! And since about May/June I am completely pain-free!!! Just spent a month hiking with big backpack.. most of the summer camping.. am very active, yoga, juggling/aerial circus and cycle everywhere.. sitting is fine..
    i have my life back [​IMG]:D [​IMG]:D [​IMG]:D with a new appreciation for everything.. such gratitude! sending you guys hugs and strength, you can do it [​IMG] :D

    also a question, anyone know how i can share this story on thankyoudrsarno.org? when i click the link on that website it just sends me on to this forum.. thanks :)
  2. Free of Fear

    Free of Fear Well known member

    Thank you for sharing! This is very encouraging for me, especially hearing your recovery timeline :)

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