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Day 1 I guess now or never

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by jwiles, Jul 22, 2015.

  1. jwiles

    jwiles Peer Supporter

    i've been waiting for awhile to begin the SEP although for almost two weeks i've been applying the TMS theory to my life. I have seen progress i am typing this without any significant pain only some minor postural issues. I have to admit it's been up and down but i believe more ups than downs. I've returned to small amounts of almost everything i did before the pain begun. I'm alittle rusty at some hobbies but it looks like i'll be back at it soon. I'm still in pain and i still have inflammation at this point but before i was under the impression that doing certain activities would only hurt me worse and i needed several months of rest if i ever had a chance at recovering from my RSI and returning to the things i love. Well i've discovered that even though some of the things i enjoy doing does cause pain it doesn't make the pain worse. I't doesn't seem like doing the activities i thought caused my injury are making it worse. It either stays the same or it gets better little by little. Right now i'm typng this with little limitation when it comes to pain. I've even picked up the old bass guitar recently(i gave this up almost a year and a half ago because this and exercise was what i assumed triggered the pain that i am in). I believe it's starting to die down in my hands and arms but it may take awhile. Todays question i believe was what would life without TMS be like? Well i guess it would be pretty amazing not feeling pain. Not just losing the pain but the actual fear of pain diminishing would be an excellent relief. I'm still finding myself distracted by the pain but it's less than at all times so it's an accomplishment. I cannot tell you how frustrated i am to know that it was me keeping me down. I've deceived myself for the last two years and it's amazing how much pain you can cause yourself. There are not many websites out there where people give accounts of their success in beating Repetitive Strain Injury. That is very sad to me and i can only hope that those people wondering aimlessly for a cure will stumble across this and give it a try. You know how i know psychological factors play a role in my pain? because i'm still typing this slowly but surely pain free. I couldn't type a quarter of this about a month ago.
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  2. orffgirl

    orffgirl New Member

    Goof for you! awesome, honest post.

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