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Day 30 i feel that i need to share my discovery with everyone, u will find the reason for ur pain too

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by thinbuilder, Jul 3, 2014.

  1. thinbuilder

    thinbuilder New Member

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    i remembered when i was 17,i injured my sole. i told myself, and my parents and family told myself, not to do anything over your limit.

    i felt guilt for trying too hard that time, i blamed myself for trying too hard. and i developed chronic pain on my soles. mimicking plantar faciitis. so, since then, i never wanna do any sports over my limit. cuz i have that phobia, of injuring myself or re-injuring my old spot.

    and then i trained hard on my 24, wanting to climb a high mountain. because of final exam stress. i din train at all while my partner keep giving me pressure asking me to train hard.

    and after my final exam. i have 2 days of training. i trained hard, running uphills and setting maximum inclination at gym . i did over my limit, cuz i know the mountain is high, and i have to do it over my limit.

    so, i did, and i was fooled by my unconscious mind. that if i do anything over my limit, my unconscious will try to protect me from doing it, hence giving me pain.

    when i was on my flight to the mountain, my pain got worse, and become frozen, i literally couldn’t walk. and i gave up on the mountain, waiting for my fren to reach the peak and come down to c me.

    so, i got better almost within a day. n within 2 days, i can walk, go snorkelling and do anything without pain.

    but after that, i came back to my college place, i played some football with friends, and then, ALAS, i got a recurrence. its really bad.

    as you can see. my pain, is triggered when i did something vigorous, when i did something over my limit. my subconscious tried to protect me from harm, cuz deep down, i had planted a seed in my subconscious, that if i do anything OVER MY LIMIT , i get pain.that i should always “DO ANY ACTIVITY WITHIN MY LIMIT TO PREVENT INJURY”

    i felt sorry for myself now because of i planted that seed.

    now , i either wanna plant another seed to counter it, or simply to remove that seed.

    u will find ur reason for ur pain too. just keep practising. :) cheers.
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  2. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    I love this thinbuilder, this story is how we get triggers in the worst of ways and how to overcome those triggers of physical doubt in our own abilities to carry on when our beliefs and thoughts have failed us.
    We hear "if you do that too much - the pain will come", then we unconsciously agree with it and sure enough we begin to give that thought power and we create this pain into our reality. Whether it is a warning from a well meant friend, a meme, something we saw from tv or a thought out study -- we agree with it and then pay the price because we doubted the power of the most powerful thing we have, our thoughts. Awesome, bless you.
  3. thinbuilder

    thinbuilder New Member

    @Eric "Herbie" Watson thank you. u really understand me. i appreciate ur understanding. i gotta update my progress today, here.

    most recent time, 2 months ago, i got a recurrence, a bad one. i blamed it on the bumpy bus, which is old, and the absorber certainly has worn out.

    i got a recurrence 3 month back too, cuz i carried my laptop.

    today i carried my laptop to my work place, n i got another recurrence. though i cant say its a recurrence, but i just got that weird feeling on my left leg, some beginning signs of sciatica.

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