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I am feeling well since October 2014

Discussion in 'Success Stories Subforum' started by walter-z, Jul 12, 2017.

  1. walter-z

    walter-z New Member

    In summer I suddenly could not go due to violent pains in my right foot. You should know that I am going to my job by train and walking or riding bicycle. For both directions I walked or cycled 8 miles each day and used train for 50 miles. I began to visit many doctors (general practitioner, orthopedist, neurologist, neurological clinic) and got almost all explorations. After three CT-controlled injections at L1/S1 I could walk wihout any pains again.
    My wife and I bought new beds. Our beds were 15 years old and I had back pains.
    When hiking in the mountains I became aware, that I had problems at walking on narrow paths. I had a dull numbness in my left foot (the two left toes and the ball of the foot nearby). Very often I had to go on my hands and feet or I would have descended the mountain too quickly in the slope line.
    Doctors found that a spinal stenosis at L4/L5 might be the reason for the numbness in my left foot. A laminotomy was made at the neurosurgical clinic in november.
    After 4 weeks I went to my job again. After one week I had to surrender. I could not sit and not walk upright. I trained with a physiotherapist and later attended a rehab hospital for 3 weeks. Then (March 2011) I could work in my job again.
    The numbness in my left foot is still persisting in 2014.
    I got more and more severe back pains after sleeping for 4 hours. As some elements of the bed, bought in 2009, were broken, the manufacturer exchanged the whole bed. In the meantime they had recogniced some weakpoints. So we got better beds. But the back pains did not improve, although I tried many adjustabilities of the bedsystem. Sleeping in foreign beds was impossible.
    In march the urologist diagnosed a prostatitis. Taking antibiotics for 5 months did not help with the. Therefore I modified my nutrition in order to vitalise my body´s defenses. I did not tell the urogolist, that I did not take the antibiotics any longer. After another 6 months he was very pleased by the success of the antibiothics.
    In June from one day to the other the walk from my job to the railway station took 80 minutes instead of 30 minutes as before. I had racking pains in the left foot. A MRT showed, that I have not got new herniated disk since 2008. But the spinal disk between the lumbar spine and the tailbone is very worn out. I got special injections. Then I could walk painless again.
    Backpains during sleeping did not improve. At getting up in the morning a had severe problems when I tried to put on my sox. Therefore we bought new mattresses. Now (2014) I wake up at about two o’clock due to backpains, change my position in the bad and fall asleep again very soon. I have to ddo this 2 or 3 times till I get up. I am able to put on my sox in the morning.
    A cousin from England has recommended to read a book by Dr. Sarno. When I read „Healing backpane“ (German Version), I recogniced myself on almost every page. I read the book twice and found TMS Wiki.
    2014 April:
    In my right foot started pains like in the years 2013 and 2008. I had troubles to go. But during the whole night I had earnest discussions with my brain and next day I could walk without any pains.

    2017 July:
    Since October 2014 I am feeling well. I am not completely free of backpain. But I am very happy, that after working through the recovery program I was able to do things, that a could not do in January 2014 due to backpains. Among the activities I can do again are the following ones:
    • I do not wake up any longer several times a night because of violent backpains.
    • I can put on my socks sitting at the edge of my bed – without lying down on my back.
    • In the morning I can walk down the stairs prior to my gymnastics without having to cling to the railings with both hands.
    • I can ride a becycle.
    • I am doing gymnastic exercises again, the physiotherapist advised me not to do.
    • I can do heavy physical labour (not for 9 hours a day as in former times but only 3 to 4 hours).
    • On vacation I slept well in strange beds and in the morning I got up without pain. I could sit in the car for a long time and then get out of the car.
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  2. Mermaid

    Mermaid Well known member

    Amazing! Fantastic recovery I'm so happy for you :)
  3. Gigalos

    Gigalos Beloved Grand Eagle

    That's great Walter! I see you also sent your story to the 'thank you Dr. Sarno project'.

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