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I’m in pain everyday all day

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by twocups88, Sep 23, 2020.

  1. twocups88

    twocups88 Well known member

    Hello all,

    I reached out on this board before and received some good advice. Problem is I still believe I have structural damage in my bladder. It definitely feels that way. The reason being is when I drink a lot of liquid I can feel the irritation and severe pain in bladder as it expands and it relieves the pain when I urinate. I just feel damages and I am in pain all day. When I move when I talk when I walk. All day. I am in my thirties. I can’t imagine life like this. Just had to vent and if anyone wants to chime in that would be great.

  2. miffybunny

    miffybunny Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi @twocups88 ,

    I remember your posts but I'm not sure you were ready for the advice. Until you accept the diagnosis of TMS and get rid of the false belief that there is something "damaged" or "structurally wrong" with your bladder, you will just be spinning your wheels. It sounds like most people, you have been "medicalized" by the labels of doctors and by various tests. I myself went through all that with the IC diagnosis and the hyro distentions and the awful catheter infusions and the voiding tests and the merry go round of urologists and gyno urologists. Drinking water or liquid is innocuous but your brain has formed a mental association with a harmless thing (a full bladder) and now it's a "trigger" for fear. When you void, you feel a lessening of anxiety and hence relief. This is simply all part of the neural circuit of fear-pain-trigger-fear-pain-trigger-fear-pain loop coming from your brain. There is NOTHING wrong with your bladder. Until you believe that and stop clinging to the belief that there is, you will stay stuck. The question is really WHY is your brain creating these signals to "protect" you or distract you? What is REALLY going on emotionally and in your life that you are avoiding?? You have a choice. Complain and seek reassurance endlessly, stay in the medical mill and go broke and more fearful, OR get off the fence and decide that you have TMS, take responsibility and do the work necessary to get better. The pain and urgency etc. is a SYMPTOM of a deeper issue which is wholly psychological and emotional in nature. You may as well call IC or TMS, ANXIETY....because that's what it really is. Just because you feel these symptoms and think certain thoughts do not make them true. The brain creates all sensations and the brain perceives sensations. That doesn't mean your body has damage necessarily. There are people who have gone "blind" who were not really blind for example....just to give you an idea of the way the brain works.
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