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I’m back- shooting arm pains-can anyone relate?

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by tgirl, Apr 21, 2023.

  1. tgirl

    tgirl Well known member

    Hi everyone, I am not new to mind/body symptoms, even my doctor knows this. I have rid myself of symptoms that after much testing showed no physical damage or disease. Recently I had two months of pelvic pain that was brought on by a lot of stress. I saw a physiotherapist about it and she said that it was absolutely stress-induced and sure enough it went away.

    About a month and a half ago I went through another very stressful period and both of my arms started to ache right down to my wrists (not my hands). I had a milder version of this years ago. It felt like it could be radiating from my shoulders or collarbone area, but who knows. It seems to have morphed into shooting pains in both arms. I went to a physiotherapist and to my doctor. My doctor said it isn’t neurological in nature and wondered if I had strained something. He also suggested stress could have something to do with with the symptoms.

    I’m suppose to go on a road trip next week but I’m afraid the trip will be ruined by this pain.

    I wouldn’t have posted today but I have to say the symptom is very painful. I realize that stressful situations can bring on strange symptoms but it then becomes fear of the symptoms and fear that they won’t go away that perpetuates them. I think that’s how it works for me anyway. I also know that symptoms shouldn’t matter, it’s all mind/body if you’ve been told you’re essentially ok. But in this case I would really appreciate knowing that someone experienced something similar and that it went away; that it isn’t something horrifying. It is really scary, I hate to admit. Sometimes in the evening when I’m watching a good program and maybe having a glass of wine it seems to dissipate.

    Any encouraging words would be appreciated.
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  2. Cactusflower

    Cactusflower Beloved Grand Eagle

    “About a month and a half ago I went through another very stressful period and both of my arms started to ache right down to my wrists (not my hands). I had a milder version of this years ago. It felt like it could be radiating from my shoulders or collarbone area, but who knows. It seems to have morphed into shooting pains in both arms.”
    Dear @tgirl
    How you answer your own questions. I believe you are caught in the pain/fear loop. First you doubt old similar tms symptoms are actually tms when they re-occur - such as our brains love to do. Then you find more to fear and worry about, simply because our brains love to feel this pain instead of all the emotions behind that stressful time.. and it even often fears us feeling joy and positive excitement because this is the feeling of freedom from tms, the freedom to feel more emotions.
    A very uplifting story I can think of is from Tamara’s book Defying The Verdict where she insists on completing annual camping/hiking excursions despite pain and worry. It does wonders for her mindset! She feels better in her mind and spirit knowing she can handle this.
    One of my coaches went on a grueling gravel bike race. Her first, which lasted many days. Mid-way through, her sciatica returned. She noticed she was being competitive which in turn meant being hard on herself - and in conflict with the intention she had set to just enjoy this race and her family also riding with her. A massage, some breathing and stretching to slow her mind and remind her body she was ok and then no more symptoms! She enjoyed the race thoroughly. Recently after much stress she has had similar symptoms you are mentioning. Her massage therapist who is very mind/body focused asked her “ what weight are you carrying on your shoulders?” Ended up she had promised family she would take care end of life things. This brought her to realize extended people pleasing in life and work and forgetting to put herself first. She’s feeling better.
    So in the end, recognizing our emotions and our personality, plus how our personalities can get us stuck in the pain/fear loop is the way out.
    Questions: what is the worst thing that can happen to me? What am I going through right now?
    Here’s a great video on the pain/fear loop I find helpful
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  3. tgirl

    tgirl Well known member

    Cactus flower, thank you for your lovely response. You are a real asset to this site.

    I know, it confounds me to think I have these arm pains. One minute I think they will leave with time if given the right mindset and then the next minute I think that these symptoms make no sense so maybe it’s a dreaded disease. I really have to learn how to prevent these weird symptoms from flaring (as you said, think of how I felt emotionally around the time the symptoms appeared). As I mentioned, when I stress about something symptoms can arise, and from there panic sets in. This is definitely a cycle I have to break. This particular symptom is pretty darn painful making it all the more scary. I know one thing is for sure, I have no fear or anxiety when I’m symptom-free. Bizarre symptoms cause me panic. Last month I tore my hamstring, and it didn’t worry me one bit, as I knew it would heal. I understood what happened.

    Thanks again, and I hope you are doing well!
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  4. Cactusflower

    Cactusflower Beloved Grand Eagle

    Tgirl, I suspect that part of your TMS is that you DO have unrecognized anxiety which is in deep conflict with your unconscious brain which knows there is some anxiety in there. I absolutely hear you on this. At times in my life I had noticeable anxiety and would roll my eyes at myself and just carry on, thinking that if I just pushed through it and ignored it I'd be empowered to overcome it.
    Through TMS work I began to recognize how and why I have it (it became all encompassing 10 years ago after "injuring" my back). At times I still don't know why it arises and symptoms definitely make all the anxiety and racing thoughts worse, or at least more noticeable because my mind is focused on unpleasant thoughts.
    Do you find you have repetitive thoughts or things that you do unconsciously to make things "better" in your life? For myself it's the perfection of my environment. Now that doesn't mean it looks like a magazine. But there is some sort of measuring stick in my mind for "perfect" and looking the way I "want" it to look. But really it's some sort of attempt at safety and grounding. This is absolutely a hidden anxiety that appears to be of a totally functional use, and it can fool me.
    I suspect it's these types of little things that sneak by your radar. Analogy is the bucket - your bucket begins to fill with "stress" water, and all you simply need to do to alleviate it from overflow is to find that tiny place you can safely drill a hole to let it drip out and never overflow. Sure sometimes there are floods of biblical proportions and symptoms may arise. You KNOW there's a flood. You can't miss it...but dealing with the flood means it's easy to miss the tiny drip drip drip. The big stressors can surely become simply another distraction to the tiny stuff that builds up.
    In your mind, the hamstring was clearly an injury. You have done well to train your brain to recognize it. That is AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL and be sure to high five yourself on that one. But it may have stopped you from sensing the hole in your bucket that's just a little stopped up right now.
    I can not wait for the day I find my little hole, and let a bit of that water out.
    I know TMS work, I KNOW what to do. I practice it, but I'm still taking the leisurely route to healing. I KNOW I have some stress, I recognize it but it's in the place of my super hard fear to feel place so I just have to meander until I can deal with it all. I will. You will.
    Frustration keeps you in the loop, it keeps you from enjoying stuff.
    Kick it in it's ass and go enjoy something this weekend! I'm going for a walk in the sun and then eat at my favorite place which is on a roof top. (but thankfully also has an elevator so I can take the challenge of 3 flights or take a lift..however it goes I WIN because my belly is full of yummy stuff). Be kind to yourself at the same time show your brain who is boss.
  5. tgirl

    tgirl Well known member

    Thanks again Cactusflower. I definitely have anxiety and on the surface I seem calm at times, even if I’m not. I recognize things that I do to try to control it, and those habits are difficult to let go of. I try to control situations in my household rather than just accept and let them be. Maybe it’s because I had no sense of control when I was a kid. I also overreact to situations. My whole body goes into high alert so quickly. Not a healthy response, for sure. Enjoy your weekend.

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