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Hypnotherapy 2

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Solange, Oct 3, 2013.

  1. Solange

    Solange Well known member

    As promised, here is the report for anyone interested in my progress with hypnotherapy. Just let me reiterate once more that I do not see this in any way as a replacement for Dr Sarno's advice of thinking psychological at all times, I just feel like I need a little guided support to overcome the conditioning elements of my situation which have been severe. Today was aimed at controlling anxiety.
    This session(of an hour) was taken up by a detailed, guided vizualization (the kind of thing I imagine a number of people will be familiar with already).I was asked to imagine a situation or moment from the past when I had felt particularly comfortable and relaxed and to then to try and recall that actual physical sensations.
    Once I had been guided through that I was then instructed to imagine entering a place of my choice where I feel happy and relaxed, real or imagined, and to walk around it focussing intently on all the details using all my senses as I did so. While doing this, I was told to gently squeeze together my thumb an forefinger as a sort of 'anchor' into the experience.We spent a long time on this image with the therapist gently suggesting that I was safe,in charge and able to do what I wanted calmly and happily etc etc. The 'anchor' idea being to make a physical linking reminder back to those relaxed and happy feelings which, with practice I should be able to access at times of stress or anxiety to calm me down.
    That was about it really. It doesn't sound much and I would, of course be examining what caused the anxiety, but I quite liked this idea and the fact that if practised, the very action of thumb to forefinger could give my brain calming and reassuring messages without having to do the whole vizualization.
    I'll be practising! Another update next week after we start addressing how I think of and deal with pain.
    I feel quietly posititve so far.

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