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Husbands success

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by karinamichelle, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. karinamichelle

    karinamichelle Newcomer

    Hello everyone!

    This is my first post to this site! I just want to say that when I was going through the worst year of my life this website was a shining light for me. I would come on and read success story after story and it filled me with such hope, so thank you! I was a 28 year old woman who was getting married, moving out and starting a new career and for the life of me could not understand why I was in so much pain. It almost makes me laugh thinking about it now! lol.

    My husband has been with my throughout my journey and he saw how much I was able to turn my life around with just knowledge, books, forums and reading about pain science. But I just wanted to share a quick story of his experience with TMS. My husband is a very science based thinker. Very data driven, im sure you all know the type. He never really understood my "come to Sarno moment" when I finally accepted all my pain may be psychological. He was just glad that I was feeling better. Well, about 1 month ago my husband was starting the Sheriffs academy to become a deputy. He had prepared for a year for this moment. Countless interviews, background checks, investigative inquiries into our lives before he was finally accepted. The day before the academy started he went to the gym, like he always does, to lift weights. He was sitting on the bench and turned to stretch his back, and all of sudden he was in excruciating pain. I got a call from him a minute later stating he "threw out his back". I rushed to the gym to pick him up. Practically threw him over my shoulder and headed home. Once we were home he was crushed, he thought he would not be able to participate in the academy. It is physically exhausting and he was to be expected to participate in physical training the next day. He was crushed. But i knew, i just KNEW it was emotion based. He was stressed out, worried, anxious, uncomfortable, change is scary! I sat with him and i explained what it could be. how sometimes our bodies react to stress and intense emotions like this. Showed him my Curable app, which is great at explaining pain science. and the next day he was off to his first day. Some residual pain remained, but nothing like that first day. After day 3 it was gone. Ironically he came home on the third day with a painful knee, but we all know how TMS loves to move once you figured it out. Just thought I would share my hubs victory because I was so proud of him and I feel as though he is more open to the idea that stress, fear and anxiety can cause pain. Thank you to everyone on this site. god bless
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