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How To Get Through TMS When Life Requires You To "Suck It Up"

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Psloces, Feb 22, 2017.

  1. Psloces

    Psloces New Member

    Hey everyone,

    Like a good TMS'er I just wrote a gigantic essay here about my life and problems and then deleted it because I thought it was too whiny and burdensome lol.. and so it begins. In short here is the dilemma I've been facing for over ten years and I think something important that stops a lot of people getting better from TMS. Maybe the hardest thing that I've seen: It's the balance of life and TMS. I'll save you the long list of symptoms I've suffered from and a huge back story and get to the point. Your subconscious enraged little infant mind does not give a **** about your grown up adult responsibilities.

    For example I'm not quite sure what came first the chicken or the egg (The hardship or the TMS) which one really caused the other... However I know that now I'm screwed into the vicious cycle with no solution and that's my TMS dilemma. I'm financially screwed, have a wedding coming up with lot's of family involved... You know how that goes for us T's, a fiance' that relys on me financially and emotionally, and a career that requires a strong healthy body. I don't work for salary and I don't get sick days, so I'm in constant worry, and forced to grind through TMS pain which further enrages my little me and it goes on and on... I don't have a choice, and the only way out its seems is to keep grinding to try and catch up and it makes it worse. I can't afford therapy anymore, and I can't get good medical coverage that covers fancy "TMS" style doctors. My regular GP is useless :/

    Thoughts on "How to Get Through TMS When Life Requires You To "Suck It Up?"
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  2. Steve Ozanich

    Steve Ozanich TMS Consultant

    It's never the stressor, it's always the response. That maxim holds true for TMS. The egg came before the chicken, just as hardship comes before TMS.

    Lipton does an amazing job of explaining how perception is the cause of our health problems. The antennae on the cells (epigenetics) receives the signals we send it and the body reacts accordingly. If you perceive that you are screwed then you are, and your body will reflect that belief. Those who have healed begin to see their lives anew, from the deeper angles of appreciation. Did you ever hear Cat Steven's song Moonshadow?

    You're correct your unconscious doesn't care about your responsibilities, it only wants. And your GP is probably useless. So give your unc. something. What is it looking for? Individuation is Jung's uniting of the conscious and unconscious, the desired integration of the two in order to become whole again. If you battle yourself you remain divided so balance is indeed king. If you have TMS you are in imbalance. What would it take to re-balance? What is your body telling you?

    The healing process is about understanding yourself deeper, and how you react to life. Do you react by seeing no way out, or to a new opportunity? Perception, perception, perception... you're lucky enough to have family and fiance. So many that I work with are alone and deeply depressed, longing for the days when they had someone.

    Be of light heart, you will overcome what you currently see as hurdles, I see them as opportunities to jump higher, but then again I'm sitting in the stands watching you run.

  3. Psloces

    Psloces New Member

    Thanks Steve! Awesome to get a response from one of your real life TMS heroes :). Your book has and still remains one of my favorite health books of all time.. I actually recommend it regularly to many people who are not familiar with TMS but are suffering. I'm also an avid and frustratingly average golfer, so I know you can relate as TMS always attacks my golf (which is my escape) when it really get's bad. In fact I've been having terrible TMS arm flare up's this week, but keep telling myself it's TMS and am still going to go golfing tomorrow despite the pain because screw it right even if I have to lie on the top of my car afterwards ;) Anyways thanks again and I'll keep plowing on!
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