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How do I become a TMS therapist?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Hila Z, May 5, 2020.

  1. Hila Z

    Hila Z Newcomer

    Hi everyone,

    I am looking for all links and information on where I could study the entire TMS method, exactly as Dr. John Sarno instructed it. I have been Googling like crazy for a few days, but it seems like there's nothing official he left behind apart from his amazing books.
    There are so many courses and options! I'm afraid of applying for any course that is done by someone else teaching his method, as I cannot tell who is real or just using Dr Sarno's name...

    And just so you understand my motivation -
    I am 34. I have suffered immense, endless pain my entire life. I have 4 broken disks, Fibromyalgia and tons of other things. I'm guessing many of you can relate or you wouldn't be here.
    3 years ago I read Dr. Sarno's book and it made my back pain go away immediately. I remained sick and hurting from other things, which I was able to cure myself in 2 years of extremely hard work. I quit my hi-tech job after 11 years and left everything behind to get to where I am, which is almost healthy.
    I know I was meant to help people overcome such things, and I have a lot to give.
    Of all of the gazillion therapy methods out there, John's is by far, the most life-changing, amazing, true one I have ever encountered. It fills me with tears thinking he is already gone and I could never thank him personally for what he's done in my life.

    So please, please - help me understand where to go to, so I can make this happen.

    Thank you and sorry for the long text, I'm too excited :)
  2. pau_sas

    pau_sas Newcomer

    Hi Hila,

    Did you ever find how to become certified? I'm wondering too


  3. Hila Z

    Hila Z Newcomer

    Hi Paula, no, I didn't find anything :(
  4. JDev1

    JDev1 New Member

    I'm happy to hear how much Dr. Sarno has influenced and changed your life. I also healed from fibromyalgia through his work and so many other things.

    There's a ton of options out there and plenty of ways to help people:
    • You can do consultations like SteveO(author of The Great Pain Deception) which requires no certifications.
    • You can also get a degree(MSW or MFT) and do something like the Pain Psychology Center does.
    • If you're not trying to make it into a career, then just come on here and help people out through the forums. I also believe a few of the mods here are certified in something, but I dont really know what(you can ask them).

    It really depends on how exactly you want to work with people and if you want to make a living doing it.

    Dr. Paul Gwozdz is a TMS trained physician(He has his MD) in New Jersey and studied under Dr. Sarno. The man went to med school in his 40s cause he was so inspired by Dr Sarno saving him from his chronic back pain. When I spoke with Dr Gwozdz he said therapists who studied 'Psychoanalysis' is what he recommends to his patients. The person he tends to recommend in his area is Dr. Margaret Chan who studied under the same psychiatrist that Dr. Sarno referred his patients to. I see Dr. Gwozdz as the closest person to getting the Dr. Sarno experience. This man is smart and would never do anything to disrespect the teachings of Dr. Sarno.

    In terms of learning more, I would say Dr. Sarno's books and Steve Ozanich are probably the only books you need. I mention Steve cause this guy loves Dr. Sarno(even exchanged emails with him and had him write a little quote to put on his book) and mentions the same concerns you have about there being too many people out there trying to change what Sarno taught.

    Best of luck and try not to TMS with your researching ;)
  5. braveheart

    braveheart Peer Supporter

    A psychologist I saw for awhile for TMS told me there is no formal certification available to become a TMS therapist. My understanding is that first you have to obtain a master's or ph.d. in counseling or clinical psychology. Then you are eligible to go through the process to be licensed as a counselor, none of that has to do with TMS. (You can also become a counselor by becoming a licensed clinical social worker). She said there are no "formal" requirements to do TMS counseling legally, but the obvious is strong knowledge of Sarno and his methodology for healing. Or you can be a TMS coach, and I don't think there are any formal requirements to do that legally.

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