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How do I become a fearless, excuse-free, clear-minded, and joyful person?

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Balsa11, Dec 27, 2021.

  1. Balsa11

    Balsa11 Well known member

    I have a tendency to avoid what's uncomfortable, while working hard and suppressing my emotions to cope. This creates more fear, more hesitation, more overthinking, more stress, and more burnout as it's easy to think to the point of not paying attention and blanking out when you have to remember what you were doing. This has made me a fearful and exhausted person after years of anxiety and disorganized, scatterbrained thinking and that's not who I want to be. How do I become someone who is engaged, confident, clever, and thriving? I know perfection does not exist and I have seen other people with stress-induced physical symptoms be self aware, friendly, and doing well in their life. How do I stop making excuses, having a constant impostor syndrome/fear of failure, and being indecisive and actually getting on with life instead of getting lost in my thoughts? I'm trying to manifest becoming a more healthy and happy person and not blame it on external noise and situations or on "brain wiring". Also, I want to be proactive instead of reactive, and that means being my biggest cheerleader, willing to ask questions, execute plans, and being flexible to change.
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  2. Cactusflower

    Cactusflower Beloved Grand Eagle

    Oh, Balsam! Don’t be so hard on yourself! It’s amazing that you have goals and know what you’d like to accomplish. Awareness without judgement is a great way to seek the things you desire to be. Sarno and other TMS therapists suggest gradiated exposure to doing the things that frighten us. Most refer to movement but you van substitute anything.personally I avoid anger at loved ones, but I am slowly allowing myself to feel that anger. Letting myself get annoyed and just breathing through it. Journalling about it.
    Meditation has really helped my overthinking but so has awareness.I am listening to Eckart Tolle and he teaches stepping out of the thought loop to observe your thoughts (meditation) - but the bigger message he sends is that we over identify with thought and its not all necessary. Quite fascinating really.
    Another option is to seek counseling. Both ISDTP and Family Systems or EMDR are often recommended as complimentary to TMS work. I think you have many options to assist you.
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