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How can i Break my cycle

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Goodstufftocome, Jan 14, 2019.

  1. Goodstufftocome

    Goodstufftocome New Member

    Hey Community ,
    Im in a bad cycle and dont Know how to Break Out of IT.
    I Go to university and try to forget all my pain issues and Body Problems.
    It works For some time and i feel better and Went on with my Life.
    In those Situation cause of socialising someone asks me Out For a Sport Event.
    Im going and The next day i wake Up with pain that lasts a while and makes me depressed.
    I get sad than dont Care about myself and anything anymore and neglect my studies.
    That cycle continues and IT builds Up and i dont Know how to Change IT.
    The situation really messes with my self confidence.
    I told my mother but it Made her worried and i dont want to Mess her Life Up cause of my issues.
    I cannot afford a Psychotherapy Session, and neither do i Know If it it would Help me.
    I Just want to live a normal Life and think because of my issues iam a burden for The people around me.
    I dont want my Girl to be with someone that cannot give her a Happy Life in The end.
    I really dont Know what to do and i dont Tell anyone but Sometimes i have thoughts about dying.
    Im 22 Like i mentioned in my Last Post and i Need some guidance cause im confused.
    I read sarno, and all The TMS Books, i Journaled, i Went on with my Life but pain Comes Back to haunt me every time and never truly leaves me.
    Sorry For The Depressing Text i dont want to Bring anyone down but im really in Search For Help as im afraid of operations cause they messed Up my hand before .
    Thanks For your Help in advance Guys and Girls .
    Have a nice one

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