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How can anyone know for sure this isn't cause for any pain?

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Baseball65, Jul 22, 2017.

  1. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    I did not want to Hijack someone else's thread so I used this question as the header of a fresh one.

    The simple answer would be 'because I followed this therapy very closely and I have absolutely no pain'.

    In science, we have historically thrown out old theories when a new one MORE accurately describes a phenomena.

    The MRI/Structural mythology crew , refuses to use any other sense than vision. Science has taught us that human vision (a teeny slice of the wide electro-magnetic spectrum) is the most likely to be wrong. They use visual data (mri/x-ray) and your alleged 'injury' and look for the closest structural 'anomaly' and blame it on that. Thus my usual smart-ass "Rat's come from trash"... In the middle ages, they observed that whenever a pile of trash was left out, flies and rats appeared. They postulated that flies and rats COME from trash...spontaneously generated.

    I love science. One of the most interesting things you get to find out is that most of what we feel , touch and see is....nothing. I have a dumbbell made of Iron. It 'weighs' 35 pounds ... not because it has any inherent weight...it has a specific gravity and since the earth is bigger, it's gravity is stronger and it pulls that many Iron atoms down with a force we measure as 35 pounds.

    Let's go inside those atoms. Hmm... there are 26 little things in the middle and another 26 or 27 waaaaaay out around the perimeter..as far as planets are from the sun (analogously)...and what's the rest made of? NOTHING. And yet the dumbbell FEELS so very real... But it is a very organized collection of NOTHINGS with a teeny bit of somethings that is a micro-fraction of it's actual mass.

    Visual data is one of the poorest indicators of truth, yet the Back pain industry loves it. Hell....if they MRI'd the planet they would tell us that we should be flying off of the earth! Gravity doesn't show on ANY tool we currently possess yet we all believe in it?

    The natural progression of this would be "Well what is reality anyways?" and that is where modern physicists start sounding like Eastern mystics. Rene Descartes said the only truth he knew was "I think therefore I am" and even THAT is now referred to as the Cartesian ERROR! Dr. Sarno found this error and so has every modern psychologist and spiritual teacher. The Truth should be "I think therefore I suffer"..... our perceptions have everything to do with what we think , see and feel and now we just learned that those (dominated by vision) are wrong!! Now what?????

    You are driven back into your own experience. Sometimes this sort of solipsistic thinking can become hell, but it can also liberate you from Everything... pain, suffering, anger, attachment to materialism.

    ...so,'anyone' doesn't need to know the cause for pain...not even you. We have a large group of people who have been driven to desperation with no relief from the Medical mythologists...people who were thrown on the chronic pain 'scrap' heap who are now absolutely free of pain in spite of the cocksure MRI crowd. I would say the Onus is now upon them to account for why their idea's aren't working... the physical,structural,visual world is the one that needs to do the explaining. It's cure rate is very poor.

    On the other hand, every single person I have ever given HBP to who has read it cover to cover has gotten rid of their back pain.

    mhhhhmmmmm..... those damn rats again
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  2. Lunarlass66

    Lunarlass66 Well known member

    Once again, you have appealed to those of us who MUST have a logical, full spectrum explanation challenging mainstream medical protocol.. Which gives help and hope to those of us who must intellectually beat everything to death!!
    I always sucked at science in school. I was a book worm and a writer... Very "wordy".. (or do I mean "nerdy"?? :)
    Thanks Baseball... Fascinating and hugely reassuring post...
  3. Lainey

    Lainey Well known member

    LOVE your discourse. I think therefore I ??? We are what we think. Yada yada yada.

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