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Hip/groin pain

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Lucyoneill, Jan 27, 2022.

  1. Lucyoneill

    Lucyoneill New Member

    Hi everyone,
    I was hoping to understand if anyone has been diagnosed with Hip Impingement and/or a hip labral tear?

    I have had bouts of TMS in the past (one for my back and one in my knee). Both I have totally recovered just from fully believing they weren't structural and getting on with it. I actually had a MRI for my knee and was diagnosed with a meniscus tear but I was lucky that I saw a PT who felt the meniscus tear was nothing to do with the issue (and he was right).

    Recently, after working out and then going hill walking, I started to get groin pain (literally as I was half way up a hill). By the next day the pain was enough to make me limp but I had laser therapy on it and some massage and the following day I was totally symptom free. I waited a week, worked out again and the pain came back however this time it was a different type of pain (sharp and shooting whereas it had been achy and dull). After laser and massage again, it went away.

    I then went to see a physio who was supposed to be trained in mind/body issues and so went for reassurance (as by this time I was totally pain free). After doing some tests on my leg she stated it's likely I have hip impingement and a labral tear which has sent my mind into overdrive. Since seeing her (at the point I was pain free) my groin pain has pretty much been constant and also is sometimes now in my hip too. The exercises set make it worse and I feel so frustrated as my business, hobby and life involves me being very active. I can walk properly but even walking irritates it (but I can bend and walk up stairs etc pain free).

    I guess I just want some advice as to whether this is probably another bout of TMS. I've had a very stressful situation going on since August but ironically, that had all settled and I was feeling great physically and mentally then BAM groin pain hits me!

    I'm annoyed I saw the physio who has set me back but equally my hip should be able to go through the motions and do the exercises she set if there isn't anything wrong. I can get x-rays but am loathed to do so incase something shows up that isn't relevant - just what happened with my knee!

    Anyone had a labral tear and all been ok?

    Thanks so much guys

  2. Cactusflower

    Cactusflower Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Lucy:
    Welcome! Its fantastic you had success with TMS in the past. You said that your past TMS work included losing doubt. Did you also do the emotional work suggested by Dr. Sarno?
    Your working out and walking sounds like normal activities for you. In fact your pain disappeared and only reoccurred when you became fearful of it. You were fearful even before going to your PT because you went, without having pain. I understand because I get fearful with symptoms too. You also mention there were stressors but that “settled down” - did the events surrounding it settle? Did the stressful situation stop? That doesn’t mean you are still not effected by it if you are a person who has trouble feeling the emotions involved in the stress, working through it and releasing anger, or forgiving or whatever is needed.
    Here’s a great thread and information on labral tears. https://www.tmswiki.org/forum/threads/update-labrum-tear.15484/ (Update: Labrum tear)

    Since you called your physical therapist a physio, are you in the UK? If so, the SIRPA website has lots of physios trained in TMS therapy through Georgie Oldfield.

    This PPD Association Quiz will help remind you of what TMS is for you. I find it a helpful reminder when I get really “physical”

    https://ppdassociation.org/symptoms (Symptoms — Psychophysiologic Disorders Association)
  3. Lucyoneill

    Lucyoneill New Member


    Thank you so much for your reply - I really do appreciate it.

    I definitely have fear over being injured and the pain not going away - competing is so important to me and I have world championship qualifiers coming up so I definitely have alot of anxiety over injury (weirdly it's the fear of being injured more than being in pain that bothers me).

    I went to the physio I saw specifically because I was aware of my mind possibly playing a part. The individual is SIRPA trained so I went to get some reassurance about the pain being psychosomatic and then was basically told it isn't psychosomatic after an examination which didn't really cause me any real pain and that it's due to my biomechanics and hip structure (she said it's likely my hip has a bony spur on it) which may have caused a labral tear! This is why I have been so consumed with fear as it's hard to ignore a professional opinion even though my rational brain feels like their opinion doesn't really make much sense.

    For example, if it is biomechanical why is the pain now my groin and not my knee (which I was also told was biomechanical)?

    The stress Ive been under is related to my dog having a huge injury (I compete with him) which took me ages to get a diagnosis for and could have finished his career. He's getting better now and there is light at the end of the tunnel with him now being able to return to work. Almost to the day I get the green light to start running with him again...BAM groin pain. So I was feeling so happy and positive at the point the groin pain started.

    I'll check out the information on a labral tear as that may help me calm down.

    I really should journal, I will start this as I feel like it would be worth exploring why I feel utterly devastated if I can't compete.

    Thank you again for your help.

    Many thanks

  4. Mr Hip Guy

    Mr Hip Guy Well known member

    This 'affliction' is what started my spiral-down and eventual recovery through discovering Sarno/TMS. You can find many of my posts on this forum that reference my FAI/Labral-tear (I had surgery in 2018) situation. TLDR is that I regret the surgery but also realize that going through all of that is what led me to TMS therapy which I have been able to apply to many other symptoms/situations.
  5. Lucyoneill

    Lucyoneill New Member

    Thank you for your reply.

    I have read through some of your posts and interestingly my knee was an issue for me last year too (I was diagnosed with a meniscus tear and yet am totally pain free in my knee now!)

    Thank you again for your help :)

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