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Day 10 Hiding emotions

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by keenie82, Sep 5, 2018.

  1. keenie82

    keenie82 Peer Supporter

    There is a person in my life whom sometimes I hide my emotions and it is my husband. The reason being is I want to appear normal to him and I don’t want him to get overwhelmed with my emotions. I do share how I am feeling but usually by the time I share my emotions have reached the bottle neck and I explode like vinegar and baking soda shaken up. I want to share my emotions with him prior to that. When I am simply a bottle of sparkling water and I can share my emotions as sparkles, not exploding fizz. Another reason I hide my emotions is because I don’t want him to be like, ‘OMG I can’t handle my wife and jeez she really is crazy.’ Sometimes I have said that to him, you know, ‘I am crazy.’ This is usually my mean talk and he doesn’t appreciate it. Truth is I am far from crazy. Even bladder issues/TMS and all I am quite normal.

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