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Hiatus Hernia & Working out - Is it TMS or structural?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by BagelSchnitzel, Jul 25, 2023.

  1. BagelSchnitzel

    BagelSchnitzel Peer Supporter

    Hi Guys,

    I wondered if anyone else who has a hiatus hernia either diagnosed or suspected.

    I'm currently battling with my GP to get an appointment to see a gastro expert so I can get it confirmed. She keeps putting me on different PPI's which don't do anything for me.

    My mother has a sliding hiatus hernia and I believe I do too, have all the symptoms.

    One symptom that is particularly frustrating is I get flare ups after working out, doing any upper body exercise with weights, chin ups, and abdominal exercises result in me have a feeling like there's a lump at the bottom of my throat (globus sensation) I literally feel like part of my stomach has pushed through the hiatal sphincter into my lower oesophagus, it can last for quite a while until my stomach naturally falls back into position.

    I'm now worried about flare ups whenever I do exercise, so not sure if my TMS has latched on to this and is creating some of the symptoms. Very frustrating!
  2. Barkis

    Barkis New Member

    I have a 2cm Sliding HH -- small according to my consultants.
    The issue is that numerous gastro consultants have adamantly told me that small sliding HH don't cause symptoms but obviously the internet says different. I don't experience reflux although on PPI meds, but I didn't experience reflux before diagnosis either -- it was Hpylori infection that led to my HH diagnosis.

    Stress, causes the symptoms you mention and I workout without any issue. The throne thing is likely globes/sensations in throwing due to stress.

    Try to get a diagnosis as soon as possibly. I know lots of people's with HH and none have any major symptoms.
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