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Hi guys/girls question if anyone can shed some light

Discussion in 'Success Stories Subforum' started by Danie1988, Jan 9, 2020.

  1. Danie1988

    Danie1988 New Member

    Ive had issues with my wrists and thumb joints now for some time ive nearly accepting the tms problem as i see myself in most pages in dr sarnos books, now the question is doctor told me i had tendinitis/tendinopathy even though mri results on wrists came back normal, now my knees are playing up, i do have a physical job im a pipefitter so on the go constantly but these symtoms came out of nowhere and have stayed with me ever since, now ive read that if it is tendinitis this can be linked to tms yet i read someones post and a tms therapist said that tendinitis can be a real physical ailment so this has thrown me now because how do u tell the difference if it is a real problem and not tms after all?
    Thanks for reading
  2. Jnew24

    Jnew24 New Member

    In my experience, "Tendinitis" has been TMS. I had what I thought was severe tendinitis in both of my knees. I literally shut down athletically for a number of years, tried creams, exercises, ultra-sounds etc. I went to a number of doctors and PTs who confirmed the diagnosis. I finally went to an orthopedic knee specialist who left me waiting for over half hour, finally came in, and said the delay had been because she had been studying my mri and couldn't understand why I was there. She suggested I start cycling. I had applied Dr. Sarno's theories years before to overcome back issues, and I don't know why I didn't see the correlation when it hit my knees. Long story short, I got back on the hiking trails and back on my bike and discontinued all treatments. Last year I rode almost 5,000 miles. An older video that might help you is: There's also tons of stuff out there from the rsi community. The key in my opinion is completely accepting the diagnosis. Harder done then said without a doubt and I believe based on my personality I will be dealing with fighting off TMS all my life.
    Good luck, you can beat this.
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  3. Danie1988

    Danie1988 New Member

    Thank you appreciate the time you took to send this reply, i do believe its tms as as soon as i had one issue resolve with 3 days i was struck with joint pain i hadnt done nothing compared to wha ide usually do but on reading a few post made me start thinking differently again but reading what youve just sent will help me get back on track so again thanks

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