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Here we go again.

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by JV63, Sep 2, 2019.

  1. JV63

    JV63 New Member

    Hi all. I posted about 5 years ago about back pain I started getting after purchasing a new car. With your help got past it and have thoroughly enjoyed my car.

    Well, I should know better but back pain is back after buying a new car this weekend. Finally got my dream car, a Dodge Challenger but having back pain from the seats although I know it’s not the seats but TMS.

    Thought I had a handle on this but it’s dejavu all over again. Guess the stressor of the whole buying process again activated TMS. Love the car and payments are reasonable so wondering if subconsciously I’m feeling as it probably wasn’t the most practical thing to do.

    Frustrating but know it will get better so wanted to vent. Thanks for hearing me out.
  2. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Awesome car.

    Yes. That is great insight that you recall the process be identical to your last purchase. It's either conditioned or some part of you is conflicted about treating yourself to the awesome conspicuous-consumption-get-out-o-my-grill-muscle-car.
    That Narcissism vs. Responsibility thing gets kicked in high gear whenever I buy myself anything. I was a youngest child and most of the cookies were all used up by the time my 'turn' came around.... I got programmed to live on zero...so now that I am an adult and can afford to buy whatever I want it can wake up some uncomfortable feelings.

    the answer is always inside... we might not get to it, but looking for it makes the symptoms go away
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  3. jart_jart

    jart_jart New Member

    that's the conditioning -- your brain has written code, "new car = back pain" so sorry to hear that.

    reprogramming your brain is like trying to unlearn how to ride a bike, it's not easy. keep talking to yourself, you can get over this just like you did last time
  4. JV63

    JV63 New Member

    Glad to report that just like 5 years ago the pain is just about gone because I did not give in to it and am enjoying my new car tremendously. I still get some discomfort but I actually smile because I know what my brain is trying to do. Sneaky little thing.

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