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Day 1 Here I go again.

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by PeachyKeen, Jul 9, 2022.

  1. PeachyKeen

    PeachyKeen Newcomer

    I did this program several years ago with great success. Occasional flare-ups in the meantime were resolved within a few weeks. At the start of the pandemic I was walking 3 miles a day, hiking once a week, and doing aerobics 3x per week. But by May 2021 the pain with walking was back. I thought it was the result of a calf injury, only it did not get better. I did PT for weeks with only minor improvement. This year I had 2 MRIs - calf and back. Guess what? Nothing wrong with my calf. No change in my back from the last MRI in 2015. TMS strikes again. The fear and anxiety from all things COVID, especially “re-entry,” have just worn me down. I am restarting the program so I can refocus and get back on track. I know this is TMS. I accept it but need work at banishing those thoughts that it might be something else … NO! It is not. :)
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