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Day 1 Here I am

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Hjk227, Apr 6, 2018.

  1. Hjk227

    Hjk227 Newcomer

    I have been battling low back pain and sciatica for 3.5 years now. Started as what doctors diagnosed as a severely herniated disc. I tried 6 months of non-invasive treatments to no avail and finally decided on a microdiscectomy surgery. Surgery helped get rid of my most severe pain but 3 years laters I still have a significant amount of low back and leg pain. In the past 3 years I have had a few periods of little to no pain. At one point my pain switched from my right side and right leg to left leg but has since switched back to my right. I have tried everything and am now ready to end this for good. I read Sarno’s book about a month and a half ago. The book makes a lot of sense to me. I saw myself on most all of the pages. I definitely have that classic perfectionistic and compulsive personality that TMS loves. I also know that the mind is a very powerful thing. However, I have been having some trouble accepting the diagnosis 100%. There is still a tiny bit of doubt on days when my pain is especially bad that I in fact have something physically wrong with my back. I have been to doctors since my surgery who have said my disc is no longer herniated though my pain persists. Hoping that this program can help and that I can totally accept my diagnosis and heal for good!
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  2. Anders

    Anders New Member

    A little doubt to start with is pretty natural I think. Severel things clearly indicate that you have TMS: The pain switching, your personality, the disk is no longer herniated (may never have been a problem) but mainly that many many others have had the same symptoms and have been cured with the TMS aproch. Keep reading and working with this program and hopefully you will see some results. Good luck

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