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Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by milbarge, Jun 14, 2017.

  1. milbarge

    milbarge New Member


    I have had a problem for 20 years ago and have been up and down but mostly down. I've done everything - I even had my jaw expanded for 10 years which was a nightmare. Finally I met this Yogi that showed me that my right side was crushed down and my whole body turned to the left. I tried to tell TMS practitioners and doctors to see if they had ever seen anything like that but they told me that I was just TMSing. And kept pointing out that I would return my thoughts to the pain. Which of course I understand why they were doing that. I have all the personality traits of someone with TMS but my issue isn't really just pain it's that my body doesn't hold up and I can't seem to do things or it just falls apart. I am so lost because it's so hard to commit to TMS entirely because it feels so structural and I haven't heard anyone talk about these types of symptoms.because it's less about pain for me and more how it affects my breathing and my posture and what I can do.. I've also been told by an osteopath that she thinks it's my Airway because it's so small. It's hard not to think about that. just throwing this out there to see what people say. I have no life right now so I do have time to post LOL- don't mistake the laughing - I feel like I'm in a world of torture

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