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Help! Worried about PGAD

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Jessie C, Jul 16, 2019.

  1. Jessie C

    Jessie C Newcomer

    Hi all. I’m new here. A little bit of background- I struggle with anxiety/panic disorder/OCD. My husband and I have one three year old and are wanting another baby, so I started to wean off of effexor. Everything was going successfully... until I started having PGAD symptoms. I didn’t know what it was until I started googling. Once I googled it all I went into a state of pure distress and of course the symptoms got way worse. I went to my doctor and she laughed at me... told me to take Paxil. I then went to another doctor who has been so so helpful and patient. She did a swab and a urine test. Turns out I had a UTI. 5 days of Bactrim and not much luck on my constant need to pee/PGAD symptoms. So I went back and still had blood in my urine. Fast forward to 7 days later and my symptoms are better, but not gone. So today I went to a urologist. He said I have no stones and the infection is gone, but there’s still blood in my urine.
    I guess I’m wondering if anyone has ever had anything like this? Did I throw myself into a horrible panic with real symptoms, and now these won’t go away? Just scared and was hoping for a kidney stone. Any help or advice would be helpful. My anxiety is the absolute worst.
  2. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    All I can suggest is that you do a forum keyword search on this and find older posts. I know it's been discussed. In the search results, choose the tab for "results from our forum only".
  3. Jane.Fearless

    Jane.Fearless New Member

    How are you today ?
  4. hihello

    hihello Newcomer


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